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Seeing as I’ve recently begun decorating my home, I’ve asked guest blogger Emily Wright to give us an insight into modern interior trends and share her tips for a monochrome scheme. Since graduating university Emily has spent time writing for a number of publications both print and on the web and she now works with the furniture creation gurus at, so she is well equipped to educate us in colour, current trends and room analysis. When not writing, Emily can be found making a mess of her art room and attempting to cook too good to be true recipes from Pinterest. Monochrome is everywhere this Spring/Summer – on clothing, accessories and even in interior design – so here’s Emily’s analysis of the stark black-and-white trend and she shares her tips on how to make it work in your own home:

Love your home for less monochrome black and white design

Check out this room design and furniture orientation above. While probably not the most exquisite ever seen, it is still very stylish and modern. The modern theme is instantly identifiable by with the white-black colour combination. The white plush rug beneath a black wooden end table, along with the angular furniture is clean, attractive and bold. Visitors will step inside the room and instantly feel the message of the contrasting colours.  While the two visuals are polar opposites, they also compliment each other and demonstrate the owner’s knowledge of modern design.

What does white say about the designer? Purity, honesty, and transparency. It shows that the home owner is truthful with friends, genuine, and a good soul. When a friend tells you something in confidence, you uphold the promise to keep that information between only you and them. You welcome guests with open arms, knowing they would do the same for you. White also exerts a brightness and friendliness unparalleled on the palette.

Black is simply darkness misunderstood. While most would associate the colour black with evil, blindness, and coldness, I see it quite differently. Black is obviously powerful and strong, but also exerts unwavering confidence. I think black is striking and elegant, while also mysterious and deep.

The best designers effectively separate white and black into two independent entities. The two cannot be combined or merged, and instead must stand as two dichotomous towers in the metropolis of the design. When selecting black-white as a scheme, excessive black in the room will be sure to produce a hostile environment as opposed to a friendly room. However, overusing white results in an equally unwelcoming room and guests will be overwhelmed and feel somewhat overpowered by the starkness.

It’s easy to get the combination of monochrome very wrong and, done incorrectly, can negatively affect the homeowners and visitors alike. But when crafted correctly, with both colours in equal measure, the white-black design combo will promote a lively and striking household, can easily have feature colours added to it, and will promote a synchronous colour connection which all will appreciate and enjoy.

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