Tuesday Shoesday ~ Pretty summer wedges

After such a gloriously sunny weekend, my thoughts have turned to the rest of the summer and what I’ll want to be wearing. I’ve got a lot of pretty dresses that I can wear with bare legs, but not many pairs of shoes to go with them. You may remember that I got a couple of pairs of flip-flops from JamHill that I wrote about a few Tuesday Shoesday’s ago and they are proving to be perfect beach-wear, but when I want to wear something a little more dressy, I don’t really have any shoes to go with my summer skirts. I have plenty of high-heel shoes, but they are all in black, grey, burgundy and brown – great for winter and they go perfectly with tights, but are a bit too dark to wear with bare legs. So I want one (honestly, ONE) new pair of summer shoes with a little heel, and the challenge is that I’d like them to go with everything!

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I’ve had a look at the summer footwear choices of my favourite fashionistas and I have decided that a small wedge heel would work best for me – heels the height of those that Kate Middleton or Jennifer Aniston are wearing above would elongate my legs without being painfully high! I also like how tennis star Laura Robson’s choice of nude shoes make her legs look even longer, and I think anything darker than pink, mink or nude would cut off my legs at the ankle and make them look stumpier! I am toying with the idea of getting strappy sandals like Kelly Brooke and Cheryl Cole, but I think that a peep-toe slingback might be summery enough (seeing as I already have strappy flip-flips), and could continue to be worn into autumn too. I don’t want to spend too much on my new shoes, so all of the above wedges are under £15 from New Look, Matalan and ASOS. I think I’m going to go for the second tan-coloured pair from New Look and will be trying them on when I head to the high street later this week. Let me know what you think, and what have you got on your feet his summer? leave me a comment below or tweet me @CassiefairyTutu.

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