Engagement ring trends for 2013

The summer holidays are traditionally a popular time for couples to get engaged and selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a difficult task! With so many different ring styles, cuts, shapes and designs on offer, it can be a little overwhelming. If you’re chosing a diamond ring, it’s a good idea to understand the cut and clarity do a little research online – you can learn about Diamond Clarity Grades at DiamondQueensland.com.au with their helpful educational guide to clarity grades. To help you narrow down the perfect ring style for you, we spoke with specialist jewellers to find out their top engagement ring styles and trends for 2013…

1. Solitaire, Round Brilliant 4 Claw in Platinum

The word “solitaire” means “the one”, a key reason why classic solitaire rings are extremely popular within the wedding industry. The timeless solitaire design never goes out of style and it is easy to find a beautiful wedding band to complement a traditional solitaire ring. Round cut diamonds are the most popular of diamond shapes, representing over 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide.

2. Princess Cut in Platinum with Diamond Set Shoulders

Princess cut rings are one of the most popular larger diamond cuts. Traditionally square, the princess diamond is cut for maximum brilliance and generally has a slightly lower price range per carat compared to other diamond cuts. Diamond set shoulders add extra sparkle to the princess cut diamond and this style is a popular choice for clients looking for a show stopping engagement ring.

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3. Three Stone Round in Platinum

Known as “Past, Present and Future” rings, three stone rings are a beautiful alternative style ring. Three stone rings generally have a larger centrepiece diamond, surrounded by two smaller diamonds. Platinum metal is also an extremely popular choice for engagement rings – perfect for a lifetime of wear, the durable metal will continue to hold its value over time.

4. Round with Diamond Set Shoulders Platinum

The popular round diamond is a classic choice for many customers. Diamond set shoulders support and flatter the classic diamond shape, and add a modern touch to the traditional diamond shape. Unknown to many, round diamonds are more durable and are less likely to chip than many diamond shapes with sharp corners. Along with platinum metal to support the round diamond, this ring style is extremely hard wearing and will continue to shine for a lifetime.

5. Emerald Cut Platinum 4 Claw

The unique, elongated emerald diamond has a great vintage look and feel, and is a popular choice for customers looking for something a little different. Emeralds cut diamonds have continually become more popular since the royal wedding, with customers looking for unique, vintage style rings for their big day. The mirrored cuts on emerald cut diamonds plays off light, and creates a ‘Hall of Mirrors” effect, sure to sparkle and catch your eye!

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