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From tap dance to Zumba and Salsa, more and more people are taking up dancing as a hobby. The reasons are simple and straightforward: not only is dancing an effective form of exercise, but it’s also fun. The only part of taking up dancing as a hobby that’s not so fun, is finding the right wear. Shoes in particular, can prove to be elusive, as some forms will require particular styles, that aren’t always easy to find. Here are a few shoes that were made for dancing however.

The first pair we’ll mention in this piece aren’t quite the type you’ll want to practice dancing in. With slightly higher heels, the Bloch Adora 2.5”s below are more for those who already know a thing or two about dancing and are looking to express what they know at a dinner party. Do not think however that due to the slightly higher heel, these shoes would be uncomfortable or hard to wear however. Maintaining stability and comfort, these Bloch Adoras boast suede leather soles, allowing dancers enough friction to turn and spin with ease. Designed to fit securely, the shoes also have a great amount of flexibility at the ball of the foot, making them perfect for salsa, latin and ballroom types of dancing. They’re available for around 70GBP in stores.

Freed of London Zumba dancing shoes ballet pumps from move dancewear

 Ballet shoes are designed to be soft, usually coming in canvas, leather or satin. The particular style and type of shoes you’ll need will depend on the level of ballet dancer you are. Amateurs and children would be wise to opt for shoes with soft leather upper and a full suede sole, such as Freed of London’s full sole leather ballet shoes shown above. They’re available for around 12GBP in stores.

If you’re just looking for something comfortable, the Bloch Zenith shoes shown below will be a great choice. With elasticated binding, the shoes are quite literally tailor made for flexibility and a snug fit. They could probably be snapped up for around the same amount as the Freed of London pair mentioned above.

 Bloch dancing ballet pumps dace shoes from move dancewear

Some people who spend hours upon hours ballet dancing aren’t merely practicing or learning, but teaching. These are the experts who require a different type of ballet shoe, which accommodates the amount of pressure constantly, put on their heels while teaching class after class. The Bloch Paris Teaching shoes above are the perfect fit for ballet dancing experts and teachers. These suede leather shoes have small heels that release heel pressure, allowing lengthy use. They’re available for 27.95GBP at Move Dancewear.

Fashion is everything these days, and sometimes the dancing shoes you buy will have little to do with comfort or suitability. These ballet shoes below are a great example of this, with pink sequin detailing, they are absolutely gorgeous. From Bloch’s seasonal collection, they are worth around 10GBP in stores.

Bloch dancing shoes from move dancewear

Another fabulous example is the Werner Kern Eva 6.5cm heel shoe pair shown above worth around 80GBP. Designed for Latin and ballroom dancing, their 6.5cm heel will ensure that there’s a good chance you won’t be able to move around properly in them without falling over. However, they’re so gorgeous it’s worth the risk!

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