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It’s that difficult time of year where it is 100% summer one day and completely cold the next. So I’ve got my summer sandals on standby and keep needing to drag my winter shoes out from under the bed, but it’s definitely not time to do the big summer-to-winter changeover yet, I refuse to belive that the summer is over (especially because it has been one of the best ever with our 10th wedding anniversary party and seeing loads of friends and family throughout the school holidays). So I’ve come up with a solution for suitable shoes for this time of year – pumps.

tuesday shoesday - navy and pink floral primark pumps three quid bargain

Yes, little canvas pumps, or plimsols or deck-shoes – whatever you call them, they are summer-casual enough to wear on the beach, but are enclosed and comfortable enough to keep toes warm on chilly autumnal days. The reason that this footwear is best for this time of year (and Spring, incidentally) is because these shoes are too covered for summer, (creating the dreaded sweaty feet in hot weather) but they are not robust enough to wear in bad winter weather – you will get soggy socks and drafty ankles.  So now is the time that pumps come into their own and can be enjoyed for a full month without worry.

primark pumps 3

When it got the end the season sale last winter, I snapped up 5 pairs of my favourite pumps. I’d worn one pair of canvas pumps all autumn and had pretty-much worn them out, so when I saw the same shoes on sale for pocket-money prices, I snapped them up and put them in my winter-storage box, ready for this time of year. Here are some more canvas shoes options (below) that are currently in New Look and George at Asda now so you can get your own bargain pair (some are in the sale) for this tricky time of year. I’ve already cracked open a pair for earlier in the Summer (when it turned chilly, back at the start of the season) so I’ll be wearing them with summer dresses and winter jeans throughout September (I think this colour goes with anything!) and I’ll think about switching to my winter-shoe wardrobe next month!

tuesday shoesday september shoes summer pumps plimsols trainers from new look george at asda

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