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It’s that time of year again, when I’ve indulged over the summer holidays and need to get back on the healthy-lifestyle wagon. I’ve said “I’m on holiday” countless times during August as an excuse for scoffing ice cream and  BBQ treats, so now that I’m back into a normal work/life routine, it’ll be easier to settle into my usual healthy ways again! But what if you want to get in shape for all those Christmas parties? What do you wear on your feet (well, it IS Tuesday Shoesday after all!)? We’ve all been there – wandering around fitness footwear stores struggling to find a pair of gorgeous, yet comfy shoes that won’t leave your feet feeling hot and sweaty after a brisk walk.

tuesday shoesday brisk walk fitness for autumn

A brisk autumnal walk via Cassiefairy on Pinterest

Work-out footwear is often criticised for straying from the styles of the moment. We all know that ensuring performance for amateur and professional athletes comes first, but it would be nice to see our sport shoes combine beauty with functionality too. There are a couple of stunning fitness sandals that are gracing our stores this season; all maximising support for the wearer, while looking pretty on the foot.

Health and lifestyle magazine favourites, FitFlops, have been on the scene for a few years now but this BBC News article suggests that the shoes have come under scrutiny for being hard to style up. But as the brand’s competition hots-up, so are their trends! No longer are ladies relying on plain, simple and block colour styles to slim down this summer – the brand has launched a number of jewelled and flower-detailed sandals to capitalise from SS13 trends. Looking to see what the fuss is about and join the hordes of toned ladies? As it’s the end of season, many stores are offering their range of FitFlop sandals at discounted prices; the collection at Jones Bookmaker is available for £10 off, including the sandals below, for example.

 tuesday shoesday jones bootmaker fitflop fitness sandals

Hot on the heels of FitFlops are the fitness sandals from Birmingham-born tyre manufacturer, Dunlop. Compared to their arch-rivals, they offer a similar shape – a raised heel – and pair it with a range of metallic and sequin thong-style foot coverings. If you’re a fan of funky patterns and animal prints, then Dunlop’s fitness sandals are in pole position to give both your daytime dress and your fitness efforts a head start.

Sketchers have got a wedge of the fitness sandal market too, and have named their version “Tone-ups”. Emulating a wooden grain, their wedges still appeal to casual daywear over your Sunday best, but the earth-inspired colours and shoe design works wonders. There’s never been a better time to get fit and look fabulous!

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