Tuesday Shoesday ~ Ladylike heels at Paris Fashion Week

So everyone has been talking about Paris Fashion Week and I’ve been watching the coverage like a hawk! I love the video diaries from Fab Sugar and here is the main trend that they have picked up on for Spring 2014: Ladylike heels.

I’ve put together these images of Dior shoes and a pair of Lanvin heels (bottom right) from the Paris Fashion Week catwalks, which perfectly demonstrate what this trend is all about: pointy toes, thin high heels and ankle straps. Pretty much anything goes in terms of colour or style, with Dior focusing on dainty straps and colour blocking while Lanvin used brocade fabrics and bows.

tuesday shoesday ladylike shoes from paris fashion week for spring 2014 dior lanvin

So this gives you an idea of what to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for next season’s wardrobe (which, lets face it, will be probably be in the shops in a month or two!). Here are some lookey-likey shoes that are already on the market at ASOS so you can get ahead of the fashion crowd and snap up your ladylike heels right now.

tuesday shoesday paris fashion week spring 2014 pointy ladylike highheels

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