DIY Halloween pom-pom decorations

Halloween is nearly upon us and with it comes the chance to dress as a menacing monster and turn your house into a ghoulish lair. To help you create a devilish feel in no time, here is a step-by-step guide to creating these easy to make Halloween pom poms.

diy tutorial how to make halloween tissue paper pompoms decorations

What you will need:

  • Orange and black tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • String, ribbon or fishing wire

Step One

Decide how you want your spooky Halloween pom poms to look.  To get big fluffy pom poms we recommend using 9 sheets of tissue paper. Small delicate pom poms can be made using just 4. The longer you leave the sheets the wider the pom poms will be.

Step Two

Lay out the tissue paper sheets on top of each other and fold one end over to make an inch wide fold. Turn the tissue paper sheets over and fold another inch pleat. Continue in this accordion style folding until you have folded the whole sheet up and round of the end corners of the tissue paper with a pair of scissors.

Step Three

Find the centre and tie your ribbon around the middle. Remember to leave a length to hang your pom pom from. 

diy craft tutorial how to make black and orange halloween tissue paper pompoms decorations

Step Four

This next part takes a little time (and maybe an extra pair of hands) Starting with one half, very carefully start peeling apart the layers of the tissue paper and fluff up as you go along. Keep going until all the layers are separated and voila! You have created the perfect Halloween paper pom poms.


  • Adding wings cut from black card to the black pom poms will create spooky flying bats.
  • Tie up your orange pom poms with green ribbon to create paper pumpkins.

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