Remembrance Day

Today’s post is to honour Remembrance Day.

poppy 2

A purple poppy in my garden

Although it’s a solemn occasion, I always make certain that I join in with the Remembrance Day celebrations, wherever I am. When I lived in the city, I used to head to the town-hall square to attend the parade and watch the salutes at the war memorial. It was is an emotional occasion and, having never actually lost anyone myself, I can only imagine how the families of fallen soldiers must feel. Now that I am living in the middle-of-nowhere, there is no nearby remembrance ceremony to attend, so I always make sure that I watch the coverage on the television. It makes me proud to see the massive crowds of veterans and civilians attending the Remembrance Sunday event and, although it’s probably not the right word to use, I ‘enjoy’ the rituals, solemnity and pomp of the occasion – a suitably fitting tribute to all of the armed forces who lost their lives and to those who continue to fight for our country. It is important to me to take time to think about their sacrifices and heroism, not only on Remembrance Day but always.

I always stop work at 11am to observe the 2 minutes silence and watch the coverage on the news and I hope you will too.

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2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. I agree that even watching it on TV was very moving. It’s an unusal poppy and it’s just randomly growing outside the garage, I wish there were more of them, but you never know where they’re going to pop up and it seems to be the only non-red one in my garden 🙂

  2. I watched on TV too and am always moved by the occasion – this year i explained it to my 11 year old so she would understand 🙂 your poppy is so pretty – beautiful colour 🙂

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