Dream a little dream… of a bedroom makeover!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I always seem to look around the house in October/November time and start dreaming about the possibilities for making-over my home. I seem to get the urge to ‘Autumn clean’ with the aim of getting my home ‘ready for Christmas’. I started with a thorough clear-out of my bedroom at the weekend (the kind where even the curtains get cleaned) and I’ve started thinking about (dangerous, I know) and worse still, making plansΒ to makeover my bedroom before the festive season starts. I’d better get a move on! Having lived in this house for nearly 18 months now without doing anything to the bedroom (apart from squeeze our old ill-fitting furniture into it) I’ve decided that it needs to be sorted out asap. I can’t live with magnolia walls and a broken bedside lamp anymore.

So I’ve started in the usual way by spending far too long looking on Pinterest and to find additional inspiration I’ve even been browsing online catalogues. I’ve been specifically looking for inspiration for bedrooms and can’t wait to put my ideas into action. I think that flicking through catalogues or looking on retail websites is a great way to see what’s on trend for the current season – they have basically done all the interior design work for you! Here are some of the bedroom images I found:

manhatten amazon new alderley style bedroom design littlewoods

The first thing that needs sorting out is the storage (who says that under the bed is not an acceptable place to store everything?). We have alcove space either side of a chimney breast that would be the perfect place for wardrobes, but at the moment we only have 1 wardrobe between myself and my husband – I know, nightmare right?! There’s a great range of wardrobes at Littlewoods that I’d like to get my hands on but it all depends of what hubby thinksΒ Β – yesΒ , he still gets to voice his opinion on design from time-to-time – and really it all boils down to the cost.

Is it a good idea to look around for second-hand or vintage storage or should we just go for it and buy a pair of quality wardrobes that actually match? Decisions, decisions. We all know now the real reason way I’m no desperate for a bedroom makeover – I simply don’t want to have to throw out any of my clothes to make space for hubby’s gear! I will keep you updated on my progress and in the meantime, give in touch to let me know how you made your house into a home πŸ™‚

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