Dream a little dream ~ for the little ones

With all the attention I’ve been lavishing on my bedroom during the sleep challenge combined with the interior design ideas I’ve been researching for bedrooms, I thought I would write a little blog post focusing on the cute decor ideas I’ve found for the little ones in your life. I’m a proud aunty with another little niece or nephew on the way, so I couldn’t help being drawn into the adorable design ideas that are out there for babies’ nurseries! Here’s my moodboard of miniature bedroom ideas:

Baby nursery bedroom design inspiration ideas from my crib rocks website

Images courtesy of My Crib Rocks

I love how these bedrooms from My Crib Rocks look like proper grown-up rooms, just with smaller furniture in them! It will be super-easy for the child to grow into the space without the need to redecorate or replace the furniture regularly. I especially love the plum-coloured walls: they are so classy and I’d be happy to have them in MY bedroom! A moses basket is always the cutest accessory and it’s so exciting when a family introduces a moses basket into their interior design, because that means a little bundle of joy has just arrived! My husband enjoyed my nephew’s moses basket so much that he considered buying cream waffle sheets for our own bed because it looked so cosy in my nephew’s crib!

baby bedroom desing babycrib01-dosfamily1

I also love the idea of DIY decorations for your baby’s bedroom, to make it even more unique. This DIY bedroom idea was shared by the Dos Family blog and it features a cool tree design over the crib cut from vinyl. The same vinyl has been used to make wildlife decals to decorate the furniture, and animal accessories complete the forest theme. This is great to inspire your child as they grow up, with stories coming to life around them – imagine reading them the Animals of Farthing Wood while they sleep in a bedroom like this – what amazing dreams they would have!

It’s lovely to make personalised things for your child’s bedroom, such as these hand-crafted mobiles and letter frames below. These items can be easily crafted as a gift to celebrate the new baby, and they will be likely to be kept as heirlooms, which can be passed down to the next child, or even to the next generation – imagine your baby hanging the same homemade mobile above his childs’ cot, how cute is that?! Check out my children’s Pinterest board for image links and more inspiration.

baby bedroom design handmade mobiles and artwork

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7 thoughts on “Dream a little dream ~ for the little ones

  1. Beautiful post with beautiful ideas. The only thing that I wouldn’t recommend is basket… Little treasure will grow out of the basket before we realize. 🙁

  2. Haha I like to think so 😉 Id love to be in charge of nursery design but I think my nephew’s parents would have something to say about the tropical rainforest I’d install! X

  3. Haha you’re right, children’s belongings just multiply don’t they?! My family will definitely need to invest in more storage when the next little ‘un comes along! 😀

  4. Your bedroom ideas are adorable – only problem is that they grow out of the baskets and little drawers/wardrobes quicker than we can sometimes save to buy new! With our 4 girls, we used full sized furniture with lots of IKEA dividers and accessories to create smaller spaces but by the time they are 2 they seem to have taken the whole wardrobe & drawers for themselves! I know mums that have spent thousands decorating nurseries in baby goods only to have been disappointed when then they had to start again a few years later. Still, doesn’t make your ideas any less desirable though 😉

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