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In one of my previous Tuesday Shoesday posts, I talked about shoes that are ideal to wear for dancing. The first pair I mentioned was the Bloch Adora 2.5” which are perfect for experienced dancers and the soft ballet shoes, which are ideal for beginners and amateur dancers. I had a great response to this article from my dance enthusiat readers, so I’ve decided to write another Tuesday Shoesday on the ultimate dancing shoe that every girl has wanted to wear at one time in their life: of course, I’m talking about classic ballet pointe shoe!

ballet shoes by pauline clarke

Image by Pauline Clarke via Pinterest

Pointe ballet shoes are the most iconic shoes worn by dancers, because they never fail to give the audience the ‘wow’ factor. The unique shape and structure allows ballerinas to lift off the floor effortlessly, leaping around the stage gracefully and elegantly.

These type of shoes are worn by the most experienced ballet dancers, who have gone through training to be able to stand on their toes for support without hurting themselves. If you’re a dancer and you’re looking for a new pair of pointe ballet shoes, check out Dancemania. Dancemania is an online dance store that sells pointe ballet shoes from leading industry brands such as; Bloch, Gaynor, Minden and Capezio.

ballet pointe shoes from dancemania

If you’re goal is to one day wear these classic pointes, then start with a pair of soft ballet shoes, available in either split sole or full sole. Choose which one is best for you and start practicing your plies. When achieving any goal inspiration is key; so if you need images to help push you through exams check out these beautiful tutus and stunning dance costumes on Rossetti.

PS I recently decided that ballet pink is my new favourite colour and have just been given some gorgeous patinated antique glass baubles in this blush pink shade for my birthday. They are so pretty and girly, and I love my new baubles – thanks hubby! 🙂

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