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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… and I’m sure that many of you would love to see a white christmas too. Even though there have only been 4 occasions in the last 51 years where there was a widespread covering of snow on Christmas day, I still wake up on Christmas morning (who am I kidding, every morning) and fling open the curtains hoping to see that blanket of fresh white snow. So if it does snow this Christmas, will you be prepared? Have you already got your winter footwear sorted so that you can pull on your boots and run out into the snow? You don’t have to use the old-school snow shoes below – here are a few ideas of how to dress your feet during wintry weather:

snow-shoe from flight works

Snow shoes image c/o Flight Works

  1. Wellies: These are a good option for snowy weather because they usually have a deep, grippy tread on the soles and are waterproof, so your feet should stay dry. The only pitfall with wellies is that your toes usually freeze pretty quickly with only a thin layer of rubber between them and the snow. So how about pulling on some thick socks and adding a pair of snuggly welly before slipping your feet into your wellies? This will keep your feet warmer and prolong the amount of time you can stay outdoors building your snowman!
  2. Snow boots: Warmer than wellies, they are very thickly insulated and will keep feet warmer and more supported than their rubber cousins. However, they are certainly more expensive than wellies, and you’re only going to be wearing them for a few days of the year, so is it really worth investing in them? When you’re slipping and sliding through slushy snow, you’ll be glad that you did go for a pair of snow boots! But they sometimes aren’t 100% waterproof and let in moisture after a while, or need re-waterproofing occasionally, so the payoff for warm toes, might well be soggy socks!
  3. Sturdy boots: If you’ve chosen to buy a pair of chunky ankle boots, or even sturdy-soled knee-high boots, these might be a good option for snowy weather. The non-slip soles will be great for keeping you upright and your socks will stay dry as the leather repels the wet snow. Again, you’ll need some chunky socks, and perhaps even a couple of pairs to keep your feet warm and you’ll definitely need to clean them up nicely after playing in the snow, because even a little grit from roads will leave a watermark stain on your boots if you don’t clean them straight away.
  4. Slippers: If you can bear to miss out on all the snowy fun, just sit indoors with a pair of slippers and stay warm and dry while watching other’s building a snowman. Pull on your shoes when they’ve finished and have a photo taken with the snowman and post it to Facebook to give the illusion of a fun day in the snow!

cassiefairy tuesday shoesday snowboots

I’ve got high-heeled wedge wellies so I probably won’t be able to navigate the snow in heels, no matter how waterproof they are! I have some snowboots from last year (above), which are a bit big for me so can take an extra pair of sock, so I’ll probably pull these on until the snow starts to melt and become slushy. When this happens, the snow boots don’t have enough grip and only sturdy boots will do – otherwise I’ll definitely slip over and get a soggy bottom! And by the way, I’d never be sitting indoors with slippers on where when there’s snow to be playing with!

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