Tuesday Shoesday ~ Would you have shoe ‘art’ on your walls?

Just how much do you love shoes? You like wearing them, yes – but would you hang them on your wall? After seeing all the fabulous photographs of shoes that my lovely readers have sent in to me when I asked them to share the story of their favourite shoes (check out the post and get involved here!) I realised how much you all love your shoes and how nice the images look – they could almost be works of art. So would you want to see your favourite pair of shoes immortalised as an artwork and would you hang it on your wall for everyone to see? There are been plenty of examples of artists painting images of shoes throughout history and I’ve been researching my favourites to share with you today.

The first image that I stumbled upon was this 1887 Vincent Van Gogh painting titled “Three Pair of Shoes”. Who would have thought that a few pairs of battered old shoes would become a thing of beauty when captured in a Van Gogh painting? I really like this piece and it would be the perfect print to frame and decorate the walls of a country house conservatory or boot room.

Degas Van Gogh art painting of shoes

Original image sources via my Tuesday Shoesday Pinterest board

Degas famously captured ballet dancers in his work and there are numerous images of ballerinas tying their ballet shoes. This is a prettier way of displaying shoes on your walls and if you a fan of ballet anyway, a framed Degas print would be perfect. I could imagine it hanging in a bedroom or even in a little girl’s playroom, so cute!

I’ve also been thinking about the shoes we own and love and even though we might not wear our prettiest shoes often perhaps we could at least admire them by every day hanging an image of them on your wall? You can certainly take some lovely photographs of your shoes and get them printed by a printing service online to create your own poster art. Or maybe you could have your favourite pair of shoes immortalized as a work of art by one of the fabulous artists available to commission on Etsy? Better still – why not attempt to paint them yourselves? You can get hold of a canvas cheaply at shops such as The Works or The Range and can have a go at painting your own shoes – don’t worry if you go wrong at all, you can just call it an ‘abstract’ painting!

tuesday shoesday corkscrew

What do you think about shoes as works of art? Would you like to hang your shoes on your walls? And please let me know if you have a favourite pair of shoes that you’d like including in my next ‘Your Shoes’ blog post in April. I’ve already had a few submissions from lovely readers so please send me a photo of your favourite shoes and a sentence or two about why you like them – I’ll share them one Tuesday Shoesday and link back to your blog/website if you have one so send me your favourite shoes to cassie@cassiefairy.co.uk thanks!

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