Tuesday Shoesday ~ Chatty feet on holiday

A while ago I wrote about the superb sock brand Chatty Feet and told you how much fun I’d had with my husband and nephew while playing with our new range of character socks. We’ve chased each other – with Mr Grrrril (the scary looking bandit) chasing Brad Feet around the garden until he caught and ticked him! – and we’ve even scripted an intellectual conversation between Sigmund Socks and Professor Brian Sox at a science conference. The idea of these products is to inspire the wearer to play, whether they are little children or big kids (like me!) who refuse to grow up! With the character socks ranging from a tiny 12 months old to men’s size 11.5 it’s easy for all ages to play together and enjoy being a little bit silly.

With the school holidays in full swing, I’ve decided to spend my summer break with Professor Brian Sox and La Diva and we have been enjoying sightseeing, walks along the promenade and chilling out at the beach on our ‘staycation’. The eagle-eyed of you might have noticed some of my travel companions have been posting selfies using my instagram account:

Sightseeing during Prof. Brian Socks’ staycation #selfie #holiday

“I’m NOT camping!” says La Diva #holiday #staycation

Relaxing outside the beach hut #holiday #selfie

La Diva was shocked to discover she was on a nudist beach… #holiday #selfie

#besties #holiday #beach #selfie

Prof Brian Socks #beach #selfie

The sea was much colder than La Diva was expecting! #beach

Prof. Brian Sox enjoying a beer in the local pub #holiday #selfie #staycation

I’ve really enjoyed having a couple of new friends staying with me and I’m sure there will be many more holiday selfies to come during the summer holidays so keep an eye on my Instagram @Cassiefairy

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