Essential purchases that will get you through pregnancy

With two of my closest friends announcing that they are both expecting and two more of my gal pals ready to pop, my thoughts have turned to babies and expectant mothers. Whether you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, or you’re trying to conceive and hoping for a positive test soon, having as much knowledge as possible ahead of time is bound to be helpful when it comes to things that you need (and don’t need!), during your pregnancy. With millions of pounds being thrown into marketing for everything relating to babies, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re in the stores and shopping for things pregnancy and child-related.

Rather than buying everything that takes your fancy, and spending a small fortune doing so, it’s better to read around and take advice from people who have been there before, so that you don’t end up wasting money on things that won’t see the light of day. I’ve done plenty of research and here are ten essential purchases that will help your pregnancy to go as swimmingly as possible.

george at asda maternity range

Maternity Clothes

You don’t need anywhere near as many as you think you do, but some essentials are…well, essential! Pick up some maternity jeans from George at ASDA that can be dressed up, or down. Choose a pair, or two, that are fairly neutral in colour – blues and blacks are perfect – so that you can wear them again and again. You can wear many of your regular clothes during pregnancy, such as empire line tops and waterfall cardigans, so bear this in mind before spending a fortune.

Folic Acid & Vitamins

You’ll probably be recommended to take these by your doctor anyway, but just in case you aren’t, folic acid and specialist pregnancy vitamins such as Pregnacare can help to ensure your body stays in tip-top condition. Babies notoriously pilfer all of the goodness that you gain from food and nutrition, so top up the vitamins every day. Folic acid should be taken until you’re 12 weeks pregnant, too.

Bump Band

This goes hand in hand with wearing your regular clothes, and can help to save you a fortune during the first few months of your pregnancy, if not until the very end. Pop a bump band over the top of your normal jeans and you will be able to hide the fact that they don’t fasten properly!


Not all pregnant mums will swear by these, but if you find yourself in a lot of discomfort during the evenings, a pregnancy pillow may help.


The type of skincare product you buy will depend on personal taste, and there are plenty of different ones out there! From cocoa butter to stretchmark cream, some kind of skincare routine can help your skin to remain as supple and healthy as possible.

Lounge Pants

Pick up a pair of lounge pants – preferably men’s – for when you want to lounge around the house. Men’s lounge pants are baggier, and bigger, than the women’s alternatives, meaning that you can make use out of them throughout your pregnancy.

Of course, there are bound to be plenty more things that you’ll wish to buy during the pregnancy – both for you, and baby. However, what’s ‘essential’ and what’s just nice to have are two different things!

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