10 unusual circumstances when flowers might be the answer…

If there ever was a gift that is welcomed in almost any circumstance it is flowers. I love being handed a bunch of flowers and it’s especially nice when it’s completely out of the blue and for no real reason! You can probably tell from all the photos of flowers that I share on my blog just how much I love them and I’m pleased to have an excuse to repost these images today, haha. A nice bouquet can smooth over many arguments, cheer up friends in most occasions and mark any special event. Just this weekend I took a nice autumnal display of orange gerberas and lilies to my mum, just because they looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist treating her to them. I’m amazed by the ability of flowers to brighten up any home, make any meal into a special occasion and genuinely lift your spirits.

Thinking about it, and considering how much I enjoy receiving a bouquet, I really should send flowers to my friends and family more often. Really any excuse is a good excuse but I’ve come up with a few of the more unusual reasons that could call for a floral gift:

  1. “Hope you soon get over your hangover”. Or any illness, ailment or even blisters from running the marathon. Some things will take time to get over but a gesture to let them know you care will help.
2. “I bought a Groupon for flowers before thinking it though” – So what if I’m impulsive and love a deal? Someone I know will be delighted that I’m such a bargain-hunter when the bouquet arrives at their door!
pretty summer flowers - roses and lillies - by cassiefairy blog 2014
3.  “Congratulations on gaining 1,000 Twitter followers” – Order the flowers next day delivery and get them sent to your friend at work to give them the perfect opportunity to boast about their latest online achievement
4. “Sorry, you lost 15 Twitter followers” – On the other and, some colleagues might not enjoy the boasting 😉
5.“I’m sorry [insert favourite TV series] has finished” – Some things will take time to get over but a gesture to let them know you care will help. I was so inconsolable when Friends finished (did you know it actually started 20 years ago this week?!) that a bunch of flowers would have definitely cheered me up!
Hydrangea flowers-2
4. “Thank you for not mentioning the drunken nonsense I talked at you the other night” – Show your appreciation of your friend’s steadfast willingness to stick to unspoken social convention. In fact, any support from your bestie should warrant flowers to celebrate your fabulous friendship.
5. On the anniversary of a friend smashing their (uninsured) phone screen – Show you care by remembering the little traumas which will stay with your friend even if they are inconsequential to most. Okay, maybe the phone screen is going a little far – just any time your pal needs cheering up.

6. “Sorry, your new dog is crazy” – If your friend has wanted a new dog for years and finally gets one which turns out to be a furry wrecking ball. A bunch of boldly coloured flowers will brighten up a smashed up house. Just make sure they put them in a high place.

  1. “I don’t know when your birthday is … Yes, I’ve known you for over 20 years” A tricky question to broach – so say it with flowers and hope that you’ve at least got the right month!
10. On the anniversary of Dirty Dancing or just to say “Thank you for watching Dirty Dancing with me for the 14th time” – because it’s not the same alone and looks loads better on your friend’s massive flat-screen TV than on your 15 inch 😉

Let me know if you can think of any other unusual but totally legitimate reasons for sending your friends an unexpected gift and leave me a comment if you’ve ever done something like this for your friends or family. Get in touch via Twitter @cassiefairy or email me cassie@cassiefairy.co.uk chat to you soon!

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