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Today I wanted to share something that I have a great interest in; converting shipping containers into homes. With George Clark’s Amazing Spaces back on our screens last week and the second episode airing tonight, it’s got me thinking about tiny homes and using different materials to create low-cost housing solutions. Hubby and I have always said that if we were ever to build our own home the design would be based around shipping containers so I’m sure George Clark would approve.

I love the way that these industrial storage and transportation containers can be renovated, kitted out and reconfigured into a small home. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a small home, as cutting through the metal and welding containers together can make all kinds of unusual and useable spaces. I would definitely consider using them as a building material and at the very least a shipping container garden office is certainly something that we’ll be working on in the future!


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I’ve been inspired by a number of amazing projects and I wanted to share these with you. The yellow container above looks ideal for a garden office and I would be very happy to have this in my garden – if only there was enough room left after planting up my veggie patch!

shipping container house

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Gorgeous blue shipping container home – I would definitely choose this colour! I love how the exterior still looks just like a stack of shipping containers but the interior is sleek, modern and full of light. I like the way that the roof light section has created additional space by connecting the two otherwise narrow containers.

container house garden office

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This mini container home is in Manhattan, New York and I expect that would be the only way I would ever be able to afford to live there haha! Even so, the width of the two containers together would certainly be enough room to live in and I like the way that this container has been clad in wood to make it look more like a standard home rather than a shipping container.

shipping container terrace house

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And if you’re going to build a container ‘house’ why not go the whole hog with a three-storey town house? This large home sits comfortably beside a normal row of houses and I actually prefer the modern look of the container home to the standard house. The design of shipping containers also lends itself to having large windows at the ends of the container and this is ideal to create a spacious home flooded with light.

What do you think of these houses? Are you interested in usual buildings? Would you live in a container?? Let me know and leave me a comment below!



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