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Last week I wrote about gifts for the guys, followed by a quick gifts for your pets post, but this weekend I’m tackling one of the more tricky gift guides: gifts for the girls. This is basically what I want for Christmas, which I hope will give you some inspiration for the ladies in your life when you head out to the shops!

I don’t dare suggest personal gifts such as perfume or beauty products, as every woman has their own preferences, instead my gift guide is a mixture of pretty things, lovely dresses and, of course, sparkly shoes – so there really should be something for everyone. Lets hope so!

etsy gifts

So I’m kicking off with handmade goodies from my favourite craft retailer Etsy. I don’t think you can go wrong with a hand-crafted gift, especially something personalised or pretty so jewellery, cushions and candles are a big yes! I particularly like these handmade notebooks which are great for people like me who enjoy doodling, list-making and have lots of creative ideas. I would choose this delicate initial bracelet for each of the women in my family this Christmas.

promtimes dresses for christmasA pretty party dress is something that we all love but rarely invest in, so a gift of a gorgeous gown is ideal this Christmas. Anything with sparkles, lace or chiffon is ideal, as it’s an extravagance that she probably wouldn’t treat herself to but would love to own! Plus, giving a dress for Christmas means that she will have something glamorous to wear to the New Years Eve party too! I checked out Promtimes.co.uk to find the most luxurious evening gowns around, and I especially love this little black dress in lace with sparkly waistband. A bright red dress is always a winner at Christmas, while this monochrome dress is super-classy, as well as being really princess-like with all the layers of floaty tulle.

shoes_and_boots_john lewis

Finally, I can never resist a pair of sparkly shoes, and I’m sure that pair of glittery pumps would go down well with any of the women you’re buying for this Christmas – just be sure to find out their shoe size before you go shopping. I checked out John Lewis for this selection of party shoes and I personally would love to own this pair of iridescent Dune shoes. Size 4 if you’re interested..!

Would you like any of these gifts for Christmas? What will you be buying for the women you know? Let me know what you think, and leave me a comment if you can add something else to my gift guide for  women!

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