Cat, Dog or Owl – What animal are you?

When the opportunity to do some research into spirit animals came up this week, I was really excited to find out more about the subject. As a huge animal lover – I don’t think there’s any mammal that I dislike – I already feel very connected to animals and was interested to learn more about the idea of a ‘spirit animal’. It’s also a great excuse to share lots of photos of my cats Cookie and Muffin so scroll on for more!cats always help with sewing-3

Great photobomb Cookie!

Of course, I assumed that I would be a cat. My cats are like family and I wouldn’t be disappointed to find out that I had a connection with cats. After all, I love to sleep, eat and rest – wouldn’t life be so much more simple if I were a cat?! But when I looked into the subject of spirit animals I discovered that it’s not about a preference for a particular mammal, but it’s a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to have.

In truth, I wanted to be a calm cat. Or a loyal dog. Or a reliable horse. I wanted to be one of the animals that I already love but I also found out that “a spirit animal cannot be chosen. It chooses you” according to the test I took on, so I went through the quiz and answered the rather vague questions to get my result.cats always help with sewing-2

Excuse me Cookie, I’m actually taking a photo of my draught excluder sewing project

I was pleasantly surprised when an owl popped up on my computer screen. I’m a bit of a bird-watching geek and owls have been my favourite bird since a very young age. My love for owls was ignited when birds of prey were brought into my primary school and when, at the age of 9, I gave up my opportunity to hold a barn owl so that my brother could hold it instead. There’s a photo out there somewhere of a gorgeous little barn owl perched on his shoulder with me standing beside my brother smiling at the bird.

Nearly twenty years later, I finally had my chance to hold a barn owl when my friends and I were at a Victorian Christmas fair. There was a queue of little children waiting to stroke the birds of prey and I excitedly took my place in line to hold a barn owl on my arm. I was so excited and even though my friends took photos I’ve still never seen the pics, but it was enough just to know that I’d finally held an owl after all those years.cats can sleep anywhere - wheres the weirdest place you can sleep

Muffin has her own deck chair on our new patio

The quiz to discover your ‘spirit animal’ is basically a personality test and asks you to agree or disagree with statements about yourself. Each animal has a meaning and my owl result equals intuition, wisdom, decision-making and change. I nod wisely at this analysis even though I disagree that “night time is particularly auspicious for your creativity” as I’d much rather be in bed at night!how to build a terraced patio garden-10

Cookie has her own spot on the warm patio too

In Greek mythology, the Goddess Athena, goddess of the wisdom and war, was represented as an owl so I was feeling particularly smug and goddess-like this morning when I did a little more research and became alarmed to find out that the traditional meaning of owls is the announcer of death. Cue a massive panic before I read on and found out that this is most likely to mean change or life transition, exploring the unknown and the magic of life. Even so, I’m not sure I like this association so I probably won’t be taking too much notice of my ‘connection’ with owls.cookie and muffin sleeping on the bed-2

In fact, I’m feeling rather spooked about them right now which is a bit of a turn-around after being so pleased with the result initially. I often take part in the barn owl survey to record sightings so and I don’t want this to put me off owls altogether! I tried to re-take the quiz to get a different result but darn it I was an owl again. Oh well, I guess I’ll never be a cat, but that doesn’t mean that Cookie and Muffin aren’t my best friends, and as I watch them sleeping in patch of sunlight they calm me right down.

Let me know if you take the spirit animal quiz for yourself and it would be good to hear whether you get a different animal than me – maybe the result is always owl?? Thanks very much to More Than Pet Insurance for inviting me to take part in this research and now I’ll be heading back to the bedroom to take a nap with my happily purring cats. Have a great weekend everyone!


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14 thoughts on “Cat, Dog or Owl – What animal are you?

  1. I got bear too. I can’t say I’ve ever felt an affinity to them but it’s a bit of fun all the same!

  2. I got a deer (a picture of Bambi in fact!) It described me as graceful and delicate, two items I would not associate with myself! But I’d agree on sensitive, vigilant and intutiative. Being good at adapting to changing circumstances and getting myself out of the trickiest of situations 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Cassiefairy – a good bit of fun. I loved your owl story too from when you were little, you are such a cutey pie 🙂

  3. Hmm it’s quite an unpredictable test, maybe we could choose our own animals – then I could be a cat like I originally wanted to be! 🙂

  4. The other’s I got were Hummingbird (Lightness of being, joy, independence, swiftness, resiliency) and The Tiger ( Willpower, personal strength and courage, aggression or anger, unpredictability) – to be perfectly honest I am not entirely sure either of those fit me completely – I am quick to get angry like the Tiger but I don’t feel like I have willpower or personal strength and like the Hummingbird value swiftness and joy but am not an independent person or particularly resilient as far as I beliece!

  5. Wow that would be amazing Sara! I wonder if that’s possible? I love my cats too much to bring in another animal even though I really want to rescue a dog – I think Cookie & Muffin would just move out haha!

  6. Very interesting Alex, and I’m pretty sure it would change as life changes, what were your other similar animals (below quiz)! I got bear and turtle so I guess either of those could pop up again in the future 🙂

  7. I took the quiz and I was kind of surprised to get a Butterfly until I read the description and it’s actually very accurate for my current circumstances.

    “If you see the butterfly as your totem or spirit animal, pay attention to the areas in your life or personality that are in need of profound change or transformation. Perhaps, this animal totem guides you to be sensitive to your personal cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding. An important message carried by the spirit of the butterfly is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness.”

    I am about to start a new job, have started to dedicate more time to blogging, have lost 2 stone at the beginning of my weight loss journey and finally have a vague plan of what I would like for the future to look like (including trying for another baby) so I think that this is very suitable currently. However I have a feeling that perhaps my spirit animal would one day change. Who knows?

    Alex 🙂

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