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The clocks go back, the nights get longer, the weather turns chilly and I start wearing slippers. There are many things that denote the start of winter for me but there’s one thing that many people all around the country use as a signifier that Christmas is on its way; the launch of Christmas TV adverts from all the famous brands – M&S, the big supermarkets, Coca-Cola and, possibly the most legendary of all, John Lewis.

Man On The Moon – John Lewis 2015

I personally feel that Christmas officially begins with the ‘Holiday’s are Coming’ Coke ad and it’s almost a tradition in our family to ‘see it first’ so we all telephone or text each other as soon as it airs. So it’s no surprise that I was very excited to watch the new John Lewis festive advert, which was first spotted on TV this morning. It’s since been discussed on daytime TV shows today and the video has gone viral on YouTube. The corresponding hashtag #ManOnTheMoon is trending on Twitter. Comments on social media are all about weeping after watching the emotional advert. After reading about it all day long, I couldn’t not watch it myself and share it. So here’s the video for your festive viewing pleasure… hankies at the ready:

Interestingly enough, I’ve found out that one money-saving website has already paid homage to the John Lewis advert with their own version #NotOnTheMoon. Apparently, John Lewis worked hard for 7 months to produce #OnTheMoon, spending £7million to get their advert in front of us. So, in the spirit of saving money, decided to have a go and see what they could do with £700 in just 7 hours. Check out their video (and also find John Lewis voucher codes!) here

What do you think of this advert? And what’s your opinion of the big retailer festive ads on the whole? Do you too wait for a specific advert before Christmas really starts for you? I’d love to hear your opinions so please leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy.


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