Girl Power on International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. If you missed it, you must have stayed away from all forms of social media for the day because it was alllll over my Facebook timeline, Instagram and Twitter feed. Coincidentally, I found myself browsing Netflix yesterday evening and discovered the Spice World movie. What better way to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay than with some old skool Girl Power entertainment? I’ve literally never chosen a film on Netflix so quickly!spice girls 90s

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As I tweeted about ‘skiving’ with the Spice Girls, lots of lovely ladies got in touch to tell me how much they enjoyed the movie back in the 90s and lots of #girlpower hashtags followed. It was a fortunate coincidence that I popped on the TV yesterday and found that film on International Women’s Day. I know that there are a great many inspirational women in world, but these 5 girls were definitely a big influence on me as I was growing up. As a youngster I looked up to the Spice Girls and I remember that I even had the ‘Geri’ hair colour with blonde streaks at the front. Yes, I was cool in the 90s.spice girls now

The Spice Girls all grown up

I found myself knowing all the songs (and dance moves, I am that cool) as I watched the film and remembered how great it was to be a girl at the end of the last century. There was definitely a shift in feminism the 90s and I’m sure that ‘girl power’ was part of that. Okay, perhaps the Spice Girls didn’t make much of a difference to adults but for little girls like me it certainly influenced the way we thought and partly shaped us into the women we were to become in the next century.

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Anyway, whether or not the Spice Girls are the ideal role models for International Women’s Day doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I enjoyed growing up in the 90s and totally wish I could be back there again! Thankfully, I’ve seen a LOT of 90s hair styles and outfits on YouTube and many influential fashion blogs have been promoting the trend. Does that mean I can start wearing my DMs and velvet jackets again? I certainly intend to!spice girls 90s fashionSo, I’ve picked out 5 looks that I found on that I think are great 90s-esque outfits. Can you guess that these choices have been inspired by my recent Netflix session? As my inspirations for International Women’s Day, I wanted to pick out some outfits that the Spice Girls would have chosen if they’d been shopping online with me now.spice girls boohoo fashion 90s trend

Baby Spice – Lace High Neck Dress £25 / Scary Spice – Tonal Leopard Print Midi Skirt £6 / Ginger Spice – Mesh Panelled Bandeau Bodycon Dress £20 / Posh Spice – High Neck Asymmetric Wrap Bodycon Dress £20 / Sporty Spice – Sports Zip Through Hoodie £12

What do you think of these outfit choices? Which shall I invest in to get that ultimate 90s look? Even though I always wanted to be Geri in the 90s I think I’m more Emma now, so that lace dress is calling me! Have you too been inspired to embrace Girl Power once again following International Women’s Day? Did you never really leave the 90s at all? Are still wearing your hair in space buns?! Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @Cassiefairy. Girl Power!


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  1. Aw thanks Emma 🙂 Which spice girl would you be?? I’ve definitely grown into (ironically enough) being baby spice now 😉

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