Tuesday Shoesday – Summer Holiday Fashion Essentials


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather excited about my summer holiday starting soon. For many of us our summer break means some much-needed time off and a chance to recharge our batteries with a spot of sunshine. Today I’m sharing some of my top thrifty fashion picks for summer 2016, I’m showing you where to find an amazing voucher code that’ll get you £20 off your new holiday wardrobe AND I’m giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 spa experience vouchers to really kick-start your holiday in style! Read on to find out more and how to enter this fabulous giveaway…tuesday shoesday shoes sandals flip flops espadrilles fashion summer 2016 holiday inspirationWhether you’re going to some luxurious far-flung destination or are enjoying a relaxing staycation here in the UK, it’s simply the chance to check-out and rest that makes summer holidays so appealing. And, of course, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a spot of holiday shopping too! Glancing through my wardrobe earlier this week I realised that, apart from a couple of floral t-shirts, I’m seriously lacking in any holiday attire. I have no flip flops, no beach cover-up and not one single pair of shorts. It was time to shop!fashion trend summer 2016 espadrilles denim white blue

I wrote about espadrilles as the ultimate summer shoe on Tuesday Shoesday last month

But, as you may have gathered, it’s rather unusual for me to go shopping for anything new. I’m a thrifty gal, and those money-saving habits die hard. I decided that shopping online for my holiday wardrobe was the way to go, as I could browse plenty of shops all at once and could do my favourite type of filtering: “order by lowest price”! I also knew that I wasn’t going to get sucked into paying all kinds of delivery costs, so my first stop (before I even began shopping for clothes!) was searching for money-saving vouchers and discount codes.tuesday shoesday shoes sandals flip flops espadrilles

Thankfully I found a WHOPPING £20 off voucher code for so you can guess where I started my holiday shopping, eh?? The voucher can be found here at and it entitles you to £20 off a £40 shop. That means everything I’m adding to my basket is technically going to be half price. So you can see why I wanted to splash out at Very for my holiday wardrobe this year. In terms of footwear (this IS Tuesday Shoesday, after all) I found some wedged espadrilles that would be perfect for day-to-evening wear and they were only £8. Bargain. Of course, I needed some beach shoes too so these colourful sandals are a winner for me. The embellishments make them a little more interesting than just another pair of flip flops, and could be paired with a dress for dinner if needed. The fruity colours will go with most of my holiday wardrobe and they’re reduced in the sale to just £9. Deal!fashion trend summer 2016 myleene klass swinwear and tie dye sarongI found a Myleene Klass swimsuit in on-trend tropical print already reduced in the clearance section to only £9.50. I’ve  also found the ideal beach cover-up to go with it – this huge sarong in a variety of colours was only £10 – and tie-dye is a really big trend right now. A sarong can be used in so many ways for a summer holiday; tied casually around the waist as you grab an ice-cream, it could be wrapped around your shoulders in the evenings for warmth, you could tie it around your body and cinch in the waist with a belt to use it as a dress, and it could even be spread out on the beach as the ultimate spot to lie down and sunbathe. So many practical uses, plus it takes up almost no room in a suitcase, it’s on-trend AND it’s a bargain – what more could I ask for?

virgin experience spa day voucher giveaway competitionNow, on to the details of the giveaway I’m launching today. The lovely folk at GopherDeals were not content with supplying £££s-worth of discount codes for you all on their website, oh no. They also wanted to give my lovely readers the chance to kick-off their summer holiday in style with a luxurious spa experience day. So I’ve got THREE Virgin Experience vouchers which entitles each winner (and a guest of their choice) to enjoy a relaxing day out at any Marriot Spa and Health Club around the UK. You can do some laps of the pool, get your heart rate up with a gym session, chill out in the jacuzzi or simply enjoy a relaxing steam. If you fancy taking a day off to chill out and relax with a friend simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. There are plenty of ways you can enter so give it a go now to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 fabulous Virgin Spa Experience Vouchers.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to UK residents only, winners must be over 18 in order to use the voucher, competition runs from 19th July – 14th August 2016


Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


  1. Ooh I’ll keep an eye out for your crafty project! Thanks Kat, glad you liked my summer hols essentials blog post 🙂

  2. Sunglasses, sandals, kaftan, beach bag, sun cream (factor 50 – I burn easily!), a girly book

  3. Sandles, good, comfortable ones that I can do lots of exploring in.

  4. Sunglasses, my mobile and sun cream xxx

  5. A good book and some sun cream

  6. wipes for the kids 😀

  7. Suncream but more important after sun! I always burn!

  8. My phone, chocolate and a maxi dress

  9. suncream, sunglasses and a mobile phone charger

  10. Baby wipes, usb phone charging cable and water

  11. Adaptors, chargers and baby wipes

  12. Suncream, sunglasses a good book and my iPad

  13. a portable charger and baby wipes!

  14. My kindle and a loose cover up.

  15. chargers for phone etc

  16. Sunscreen, swimsuit and a goodbook

  17. Sunglasses and Suncream

  18. Once a day sun cream – really easy to forget to keep applying, this gives you a great grounding and it can still be topped up.
    Sunnies. and a tablet.

  19. A good “proper” book, sun-screen and some riding clothes. 🙂

  20. if i was going away it would be sunglasses books money hat sun cream

  21. sunscreen and my camera

  22. sun cream and a good book

  23. Beach to bar dress flip flops and a hat

  24. Wife loves taking her favourite books

  25. Swimsiut suncream sunglasses and money

  26. my sunglasses and the book I’ve been keeping to read The Pillars of the Earth

  27. Sunscreen and swimming suit!

  28. Baby wipes,Camera and Hats for everyone!

  29. My iPad, phone, sunglasses, good book, sun cream and my chug if I was allowed to so a pic of my Arthur xx

  30. Kindle, sun glasses and phone

  31. Additional pair of flip flops

  32. Sun cream and my tummy flattening swimming costume !!

  33. A camera to record the memories!

  34. baby wipes and a kindle

  35. Our camera with loads of memory cards, and our little net book to upload them onto, so we dont lose a single days photos by having them on a card and netbook (mind you by then the OH usually uploads a zillion a day thru facebook! lol)

  36. Suncream, sandals, swimming costume!

  37. Suntan cream, bikini and good book.

  38. Sun cream and books.

  39. suncream …lip gloss sunglasses and phone

  40. Suncream, sunglasses and a good book (or 10!)

  41. Suncream and Shades

  42. Suncream, a bikini and a good book

  43. swimming costume and purse full of currency 🙂

  44. Suncream, flip flops and a camera 🙂

  45. Sunglasses and my Kindle filled with lots of holiday reading

  46. Flip flops sun hat, and a good book!

  47. Sunglasses and suncream 🙂

  48. suncream, sunhat and sunglasses

  49. Sun cream, sun hats, flip flops and swim suits

  50. My camera so I can capture lots of memories xx

  51. suncream, sunglasses, a book and aftersun!

  52. A sun hat – I am not burning my scalp this year!

  53. Most important suncream and sun hat

  54. childs first aid kit

  55. Plasters, sun cream, bikini and my kindle

  56. my sunglasses

  57. Sun cream and my ipod

  58. i always ake at least thee books i love to read and usuallu finish one book in two days if im slow !

  59. My kindle and my sunglasses

  60. A good book always!

  61. Sunglasses and a nice cold beverage

  62. Sunglasses, the new harry potter book, and a camera 🙂

  63. sunglasses, phone and purse 😉

  64. I always take a good pair of sunnies, a loose fitted dress that be styled up or down depending on the weather and some dry shampoo.

  65. Good mood! 🙂

  66. not going away this year, but has to be sandles….. hate hot feet

  67. lipbalm – its so important when you are on the beach!

  68. Sun cream & a good book 🙂

  69. My powerbank!

  70. My essentials are a nice book and some good music 🙂

  71. sunblock, sunglasses and maxi dress

  72. sun cream, antihistimines and lots of spare clothes for the kids

  73. Sunglasses, sun cream and wet wipes

  74. Sun lotion and a digital camera for capturing memories.

  75. Sunglasses bikini ipad and flip flops

  76. My Kindle xxx

  77. Aloe vera gel, factor 30 and a big hat. I nearly always burn

  78. Sun cream, hand gel and a good book 🙂

  79. Flip flops and my kindle!

  80. suntan lotion

  81. Sun cream, a good book and an iPod!

  82. sun scream , summer hat , iPad

  83. A good book

  84. Suncream and new bikini

  85. my agent prov swimsuit 😉

  86. my agent prov swimsuit

  87. My Kindle, love a chill out on holiday with a good book 🙂

  88. my raybans

  89. suncream and my mp3 player! x

  90. Factor 50+ Aloe Vera Aftersun Sunglasses and not to forget my tweezers! They go everywhere with me 😀

  91. nothing because im not going anywhere boohoo

  92. Sunscreen and my trainers 🙂

  93. Loving the shoes can’t have enough I say. Suncream and my family x that it

  94. Sun cream, sunglasses, bikini, kaftan, passport

  95. After sun, hand sanitiser, ear plugs, a polaroid camera and a decent book!

  96. Sun cream

  97. Suncream and sunglasses 🙂

  98. Bikini and flip flops

  99. It would have to be a kimono, a book and a notebook & pen for my scribblings! xx

  100. suntan lotion for sure, i burn burn burn!

  101. Sunscreen, sunglasses, Bluetooth speaker, and a cute outfit.

  102. Lipstick, Deodorant, Sun Cream and Sunglasses

  103. phone charger, sun lotion, sunglasses, book and water!

  104. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a good book.

  105. sunglasses.

  106. Suncream and my kindle

  107. bikini, sunglasses, hat and lipstick

  108. Got to be flip flops, they are the best thing since sliced bread lol

  109. Sunglasses

  110. suncream

  111. A cashmere cardi, a good book and sparkly flats

  112. can’t leave the house without my shades. oh, and the phone charger. and the vaseline – gotta keep those lips hydrated!

  113. SPF 50, a great book or two and some flip flops

  114. My essential items are travel journal, books and sunglasses! Great giveaway. I could so do with a spa day!

  115. Sun tan lotion, new clothes and hair straightners

  116. Sun cream, bikini and smile on my face!

  117. Plenty suncream for body, face & lips, books, sunglasses & plenty clips & grips to get my hair up in the heat

  118. Flip flops, bikini, sun cream and several books!

  119. suncream, mozzie cream, sunglasses, flip flops, kaftan, straw hat, towel and swim suit

  120. Spf 30, kaftans and flipflops 🙂

  121. Suncream and Mozzie spray 🙂

  122. suncream, sunnies, flip flops and swim suit

  123. Suncream, cool clothes and a book 🙂

  124. spf factor lip balm, nothing more miserable than chapped dry lips!

  125. flip flops, suncream and moisturiser

  126. I’m travelling in the UK this year so it will be everything from a thick sweater to a bottle of factor 50 sunblock.

  127. always need sunglasses!

  128. Sunblock, a kaftan (for beach cover-up) & sunhat & sunglasses.

  129. Bikinis and suncream

  130. Factor 50 sun cream and my kindle

  131. Sun cream, aloe vera, my Kindle, my first ever bikini (I’ve lost 4 stone this year and finally feel comfortable wearing one!) and lots of light dresses!

  132. Plenty of suncream as I turn lobster red almost instantly!

  133. sunglasses and suncream

  134. Sunglasses, sun cream, camera and flipflops

  135. Sun Cream and a good book

  136. My kindle

  137. The camera app on my phone so I can spy on my doggy whilst basking in the sun :0

  138. Two pairs of sunglasses! One always gets broken

  139. Sun cream a book and a mobile phone

  140. Sun cream, sunglasses and hat!

  141. old school…, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good travel buddy – they can make or break a trip!

  142. Suncream and sunglasses – looking and staying cool!

  143. suncream and shorts

  144. Nowadays my prescription sunglasses are a must for summer holidays, along with sunscreen !

  145. Sun Cream, hairbrush, fly swat, Hat, Sunglasses car keys wet wipes bottle of water – Phew!

  146. Definitely suncream and my hair straighteners!

  147. suncream 🙂 safety first!

  148. Suncream, hat and book.

  149. Sunglasses, sun cream and sandals!

  150. my kindle and lots of aftersun

  151. I’m not going away but I’d make sure I got my ipad and lip protector

  152. Water, suncream a hat, sunglasses and baby wipes 🙂

  153. Always sunscreen, sunglasses and moisturiser and of course my kindle for those lazy days sat enjoying the sunshine

  154. Suncream, bikini and a sun hat

  155. My book and some sunglasses

  156. Killer sunglasses, my kindle and of course some beautiful swimwear. I neeeeed that mylene klass swimsuit!!

    Loved this post and the espadrilles were an excellent choice! They too are my go to summer shoe and I just so happen to be doing a crafty post on my espadrilles which goes like this Friday!

    Best wishes, Kat X


  157. Suncream, lip balm and sunglasses and my bikini

  158. My kindle.

  159. a book, 2 bikinis, prescription sunglasses tablet, suntan cream, shorts and t-shirts

  160. sunglasses and sandals. One can always hope for some sun.

  161. My new sarong !

  162. The essential thing to pack is sun cream, burning is the most painful thing

  163. Suncream, sunglasses, phone and a drink 🙂

  164. iPad and suncream

  165. I’m packing a small digital camera, a book to press leaves in, a battery charger for my always dying phone and plasters in case my shoes rub in the heat!

  166. Sun cream and mosquito repellent

  167. I’m going to the States in October, so I’m packing my ipod (for the 11 hour plane trip), a giant crossword book and some very comfortable trainers for walking the length of the Las Vegas strip!

  168. Sun cream, after sun, bikini, and an easy attitude! Thanks for the lovely giveaway xx

  169. Flip flops, cotton dress, sun cream and moisturiser.

  170. Sunglasses and sunscreen 🙂 xx

  171. Flip flops, wet wipes & insect spray are my essentials this summer!

  172. My power pack

  173. A book, sunglasses and my phone

  174. Definitely a portable mobile charger. I use my phone to take all my photos with so I need back up battery power!

  175. Suncream, a nice cool dress, maybe a coat hehe. We have unpredictable weather x

  176. a good book, a pretty beach dress & a floppy hat 🙂

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