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There’s nothing more delightful than spending a crisp evening in front of a fire. Whether it’s indoors by a fireplace or outdoors at a fire ring, accumulating the wood is the hardest part. The easiest part is getting the fire started, thanks to salvaged wood shavings and old candles. That’s because when you combine them, they make great fire starters. Couple them with long matches and pop them into a 1-gallon collector’s Ball jar, and they are pretty enough to display or give as a gift.mason jar nation book review Supplies, 1 cookie sheet, aluminum foil, small wax-paper nut/party cup (the individual cups from cardboard egg cartons work too), wood shavings leftover from a past project (natural wood only – no treated wood!), 1 old saucepan, old candles, 13’’ long matches, one 1-gallon collector’s Ball jar with decorative lid, craft glue


  1. Line the cookie sheet with aluminium foil. Lay the party cups on the foil, right-side up. Pack each cup with wood shavings.
  2. Melt old candles over low heat. Slowly pour the wax into each cup until full.
  3. Put the matches into the jar and glue the matchbox’s striking surface to the inside of the jar’s lid. When the wax has cooled and hardened, fill the other side of the jar with the fire starter_B mason jar nation book review-2

Extracted from Mason Jar Nation by JoAnn Moser, published by Cool Springs Press (£11.99). Find the book online here.

What do you think of this thrifty project? It would be handy to use around the campfire during the summer, and it’s a great way to light your fire in the living room in the winter. And don’t forget to prepare a batch for Bonfire Night too! Let me know if you have any other home tips or DIY hacks by leaving me a comment below.


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