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If you’re planning a party or simply want to jazz up the kids’ bedrooms, this is the DIY project for you! Paper flowers are easy to make and cost hardly anything, yet they are impressive decorations for any kind of party. You can make them in lots of different sizes and could tailor the colours to match your party theme; go orange and black for Halloween or bright rainbow hues to give a fiesta vibe to your summer BBQ. Gather a few together on a wall to create a backdrop for a wedding photobooth or hang as decorations over a birthday buffet table. Whatever you want to use them for, I guarantee that you won’t want to stop making them once you’ve started, so get your mates involved and even let the kids have ago at making plenty of paper flowers for your next event. Here’s how to make some impressive paper flowers:Decorate for A Party, p105, photography by Leslie ShewringThere are quite a few steps to these paper flowers, but they are well worth the time and once you have made a couple of them the process becomes faster. To make smaller versions just omit the inside yellow pieces and use fewer sheets, cut smaller, for the outer petals.

YOU WILL NEED assorted colours of tissue paper, fuzzy pipe cleaners, scissors

STEP ONE: Carefully stack approximately 12 sheets of tissue paper, lining up all the edges carefully. We decided to use 4 yellow for the centre, these are stacked on top, then 2 or 3 white and then 6 sheets of orange. Start to fold all sheets over at the same time in 5cm/2-inch folds. Now fold back the other way, and repeat accordion style until you have folded all the paper.

STEP TWO: Unfold all the paper carefully and take out the yellow paper that will be used for the centre of the flower. Fold the yellow paper back in pleats, then fold the folded paper in half. Trim off half of the unfolded ends.

STEP THREE: Make 5cm/ 2-inch long cuts into the trimmed edge of the folded yellow paper.

STEP FOUR: Now fold the white and orange sheets back up together and fold in half. Trim the unfolded edges together with a rounded edge for your petals. If you find them too thick to trim all together do half at a time.

STEP FIVE: Carefully unfold all your papers, place them back in their original stacked order and then fold back up all together.

STEP SIX: Fold all the papers in half and wrap a pipe cleaner through the centre of the folded tissue paper. Twist to secure.

STEP SEVEN: Start with one side of the yellow paper and gently pull out and fluff up one piece of the tissue. Separate each piece as you work through the layers of the tissue paper. Be careful not to pull too hard on the papers as they rip easily.

STEP EIGHT: Continue on the other side, gently separating and pulling up each piece of tissue paper and fluffing it until you have a full flower shape.

This fantastic DIY paper flowers project was taken from Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring is published by Jacqui Small (£20). All images © Leslie Shewring. More information on the book can be found here. Let me know if you have a go at making these paper flowers for yourself, and I’d love to hear what parties you’re planning so please leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy.

Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


  1. Thanks Viktorija, let me know if you try making the flowers for yourself 🙂 I’m planning to make paper flowers for my birthday celebration later this year!

  2. Looks lovely!!!

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