Create a lookbook to get the most out of your wardrobe this winter

Winter is the time for festivities and celebrations and is a great excuse to get dressed up in your sparkliest clothes. It’s also the time of the year when you’ve just splashed your pay cheque on presents for your nearest and dearest so are unlikely to want to spend much more on a new winter wardrobe. Read on to find out how you can save money on new clothing this season, as well as creating your own lookbook to make the most of your existing wardrobe.thrifty wardrobe makeover tip money saving inspiration hack-3

Create your own lookbook
It’s easy to forget what clothes you already have in your wardrobe, especially if it’s been stuffed to bursting point for the past couple of years. So to avoid leaving pieces unworn for seasons why not create your own personal lookbook? It can be quite fun to make up outfits, and it’s got a certain Cher-from-Clueless-ness about it! For this, you’ll need to take snaps of each item in your wardrobe and categorize them into different types. You can even style up your summer dresses or a short sleeved shirt with a jacket, cardigan, blazer or tights for winter and get maximum use out of your favourite pieces. Unlike in the Clueless era, nowadays it’s possible to download apps which can help you create and organize your lookbook. Keeping photos of your clothes on your phone will also help you when you’re out shopping because you can double check whether or not you’ve already got a monochrome patterned shirt in your wardrobe at home and save on duplicates.crazy for christmas jumpers

Wave goodbye to the stuff you don’t need anymore
We’ve all got things hanging in our wardrobe that we no longer wear. Maybe we’re hoping those jeans will fit us again someday, or that our favourite dress may come back into fashion (well, how many years have you owned it so far??). Whatever the reason, there’s probably a proportion of your wardrobe that you never get round to wearing, so now is the time to clear it out. This will give you space to see the things you already have but that can’t find beneath all the other pieces of clothing.

You may also find that you’ve got a lot of similar items – jeans, for example – or few tops in the same colour or in similar patterns. Seriously, do you need them all? Maybe it’s time you ditch those duplicates and make space to accommodate new items. You can either donate the clothes to charity or plan a clothes swapping party with your friends, just in time for Christmas. That way you’ll all be able to get a new dress to wear for New Year’s Eve without having to spend a penny! Or you could even sell your unwanted clothes (especially those bargains you bought but never got round to wearing, that still have the tags on!) and make a few pounds in the run up to Christmas.

Invest in quality clothing 

It’s no good having lots of clothing if you haven’t got a top to wear with that skirt to create a outfit. Now that your wardrobe has a little more space, have a look at what’s missing from your wardrobe. Invest your money on good quality winter basics that will complete those outfits and allow you to actually wear the things you already own. If a navy jumper will bring that white shirt and burgundy jeans together, you have my permission to buy it! This way you will have enough clothes that you can mix and match with the item already in your wardrobe. When we talk about the winter essentials, a cosy sweater, wool blazer, pair of boots, and knitted accessories can go a long way to ‘winter-proofing’ your wardrobe. Check out the pre-Christmas sales to find a bargain and always search for discount codes when shopping online to bring the price down. Add these new items to your lookbook to complete those winter outfits and make getting dressed in the morning so much easier!ombre colour block scarf knitting project-10Accessories, accessories and accessories
Just adding a couple of new accessories will add life to your old clothes. Picking up this year’s must-have fluffy pom-pom hat will bring last year’s coat up-to-date. New metallic shoes could complete your Christmas day outfit, and adding a glitzy new necklace will dress up your little black dress for NYE. Try rummaging through the charity shops in the run up to Christmas to find some unique or vintage pieces at a fraction of the original price. I guarantee you definitely won’t be wearing the same thing as your colleague at the office party if you shop secondhand or choose retro accessories this hat diy-4I hope that these ideas will help you to get the most out of your current wardrobe, help you to update your look for winter 2016 and save you money in the long run. Keeping track of the clothes in your wardrobe and shopping accordingly can help you update your look for next-to-nothing this winter. Let me know if you have any tips for organising and making the most of your wardrobe for winter by leaving me a comment below.

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