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This week I’ve got my hands on the newly released gardening book ‘Urban Flowers’ by Carolyn Dunster. A very thrifty DIY-focussed book, it contains hundreds of ideas for making the most of your outdoor space, no matter how little garden you have. And the good news is that you can win a copy in my giveaway so read on to enter the competition below…In this book, Carolyn demonstrates how it is possible to turn even the smallest space into a blooming urban paradise with colourful flowers and a thriving habitat for wildlife too. So whether you’ve got a patch in the countryside or a balcony in the city, you’ll be sure to find a handy project in this book.
Urban Flowers helps to identify which plants will grow best in your garden and, the thing I found most interesting about the book, it provides planting ‘recipes’ to create colourful palettes of blooms all year round. I’ve always wondered how some gardens look great in every season and now I know how to do it for myself!

Of course, because the book focuses on urban locations, there’s plenty of inspiration for container gardening too. I love the quick and simple DIY projects in the book – the ideas for repurposing items you already have and turning them into planters are a stroke of genius! It’s so easy to inject a bit of colour into the garden by planting up containers, and it keeps maintenance to a minimum so it’s definitely something I’m interested in learning more about.Check out this step-by-step guide from the book. It shows you how to plant from seed and allows you to create a garden for very little money – all you need is a little patience while waiting for the plants to grow! There are so many how-to guides and easy DIY ideas in this book that you’ll be bursting to get stuck into projects the and start gardening this very weekend! Here’s how you can get hold of a copy of this handy gardening book for yourself. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and one lucky winner will be sent a copy of Urban Flowers direct from the publishers. There are plenty of ways you can earn entry points so get tweeting and commenting now. Good luck everyone!

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34 thoughts on “Book review: Urban Flowers + win a copy!

  1. Try growing vegetables amongst your flowers if you have a small space, they look beautiful too!

  2. Well stocked beds so there’s no room for weeds to flourish and you can get great swathes of colour.

  3. When you are short of space in an urban garden, try climbers or stacked/vertical garden solutions to get that extra green!

  4. Little chores and often keeps my garden neat and pretty. Cannot pass a planter without dehead and a poke.

  5. If you’re on a budget, ask friends, family or even neighbours for cuttings and learn how to grow from them.

  6. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for cuttings…it’s the best way to get lovely plants you’ve seen growing that you really love and is very cost effective 😉

  7. When you are planting, make sure that the soil is soft so that the plant roots can penetrate easily.

  8. My top tip -remember to water them! Try to do a bit every day, which stops it getting overwhelming!

  9. I am learning at the moment so reading the other tips is really helpful. My own tip would be keep on top of everything as it grows so fast that before you know it, you have lost control. 🙂

  10. To be brave and give things a go, this is the way to build confidence in what you can do, and learn what doesnt work x

  11. Paint the handles of your gardens tools a bright, colour other than green to help you find them amongst your plants.

  12. Having only just moved into a new house in January, we’re getting to grips with what is now starting to grow in the garden! We’re adopting a ‘little and often’ approach in order to jump on thugs like brambles in a couple of places but also in having the courage to let other things grow a little to see what they are and how they fit in the garden.

  13. I have my once lawn covered in slate these days with lots of pots and a border. With three small dogs container gardening is definitely the thing for us. x

  14. Make sure you give young plants plenty of water, but always avoid wetting the plant’s leaves! Wet leaves can easily lead to mold, rot, and a sick plant! As your plants grow, remember that the general rule of thumb is to give plants an inch of water per week. Always be on the look-out for yellow leaves that means too much water!

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