Tuesday Shoesday – Where to find summer shoes for under £5

Okay, I admit it – I’ve been browsing the summer sales. Every year I try to resist, but when I see those footwear bargains start pinging up in my browser, I get easily distracted from work and start to shop. But if you knew what kind of deals I’d found, I’m sure you’d be doing the same too!You see, I accidentally discovered LoveTheSales this year and now I’m hooked. It’s a hub where you can find details of ALL the products on sale from hundreds of different retailers all in one place, so you can imagine how exciting it is flick through the website on my lunch hour… So. Many. Bargains.And seeing as summer is still in full swing, there’s no reason not to look for a fresh pair of flip flops or summer sandals.  These pretty flip flips above are just £1.99 on the website and I’m planning to spend much of the school summer holidays on the beach so why wouldn’t I be adding a pair to my basket? The ones below from Accessorize are just £3, what a steal.

These metallic flats below are all just £3.25, which I think is a fantastic deal. I wear flats all year round and usually spend much more than this on each pair. Let’s face it, my summer frappuccino costs more than these shoes, so what would I rather spend my money on?

When you move into the £4.99 section, that’s where you’ll find a huge variety of footwear. There’s dressy court shoes, slinky strappy heels, trainers, embellished sandals, jellies, platforms and ankle boots. These summer-holiday-ready wedges and chunky sandals below are my under-a-fiver highlights from LoveTheSales.Considering that there are so many brands and products on the site, my tip for searching is to filter by your size, and then organise it by lowest price first. There you’ll find all these super-low prices and can be sure that the item you want is actually available in your size. But act fast, these bargains don’t last for long!

If you too have found any footwear bargains in the sales this year please let me know by leaving me a comment below. I much prefer to shop the summer sales in this way rather than spending hours on individual websites or trawling through the rails in the stores and supermarkets. How about you? Do you enjoy hitting the high street or would you rather avoid it all costs in the heat of the summer?

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