Going up – DIY-ing the loft to create extra space

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With the cost of moving increasing, and the price of houses skyrocketing, it’s harder than ever to hop onto the next rung of the property ladder. So, it kind of makes sense to stay put and make the most of the home you’ve got. I’m certainly not planning to move for many, many years but I know that once I’ve finished renovating the existing shell of the house, I’m going to want another project to work on. So, I’ve already started looking around at the spaces I’ve already got in the house, and am considering new ways of using them. That’s where my plan for the loft comes in…

Our attic is a space that we haven’t even touched yet. It’s completely empty so, other than poking our heads up there once or twice, we’re not using the space at all. It’s not boarded out and doesn’t have a loft ladder so it’s quite hard to get up there at the moment. Even so, it’s a big waste to not being using the space for storage (at the very least) so ย think that a loft ladder should be the first thing on our DIY list for the attic.

Next up is flooring. There’s already plenty of insulation up there (can it hurt to add more, I wonder?) so we’d need to install flooring that protects the insulation and allows air to circulate. A raised loft floor can do this, and I’ve seen little platform ‘columns’ you can buy that clip over the rafters and provide a base for the flooring to sit on, well above the layer of insulation.ย 

I’m already wondering about whether planning permission is required to board out a loft if I’m only using it for storage? I know that I’d definitely need to apply to the planning office if I wanted to add any roof windows for light and ventilation. I’ve researched the task and found this practical installation guide from Roof Windowsย so I’m confident we could DIY it if we needed to.

If I wanted to use the loft for anything other than storage it would make sense to add windows for natural daylight and to keep the space cool, as it really heats up in the summer months. I can’t help thinking about using our loft for more than just stashing boxes of Christmas decorations.

Having a usable space, even if it IS only extra storage for winter coats and fairy lights, surely has to be one of the renovation projects that add value to your home, hasn’t it? And at the very least, I won’t need to keep those unpacked boxes under the stairs any more! Have you already converted your attic into an extra room? How did you find the process? What have you got planned for your own loft space? Please let me know by leaving me a comment below.


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