Four things you could do with the space under your stairs

If you’re struggling to find extra space in your home but need additional storage, work spaces or even a bathroom, why not take a look under the stairs? The open area or cupboard beneath your staircase could be the solution and here are four things you can do with that space…

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I recently cleaned out my under-stair cupboard. It’s the most disgusting place in the house (I don’t like to imagine what had been stored in the there in the past) with grubby walls, cobwebs and unusual smells. We’d used it as a dumping ground for the vacuum etc but when the new smart metre was being fitted under the stairs, I had no choice but to clear out the space. And now I want to do something with it. There’s quite a bit of room under the stairs and we’re not making the best use of this potential storage space. So I’ve been pinning some ideas, and here’s what I’ve come up with…


While I’m lucky enough to have a box room that I use as my home office (check out my recent office makeover with a wall-to-wall desk – I’m still SO excited about it!) many households won’t have the luxury of a spare room to use as an office. So why not make use of the space under the stairs to add a workspace? It could be the perfect place to start your own side hustle business!

I’m a big fan of @VeryMeInteriors on Instagram and I love what Anne Marie has done with her office space under the stairs above. Kids can use it for homework and, if your staircase is within the living room, you can keep an eye on what youngsters get up to on the internet! A fitted under-stair office can be closed away with folding doors when it’s not in use, keeping the rest of the room looking tidy.


Last week I wrote about finding extra space in your home for visiting friends or elderly relatives to come to stay, which got be thinking about new under-stair additions that could be helpful to your guests. If you’re transforming a dining room or garage into a spare room for less-mobile members of the family, you could turn a large under-stair space into an extra bathroom.

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Adding a ground floor bathroom is disabled-friendly, therefore making it future-proof for you and the rest of your family. Depending on the space you have available under your staircase, you might be able to fit in a loo, basin and even a walk-in shower. It’s also handy to have an extra bathroom available when you’ve got a large family, all trying to get ready at once!


If space is tight in your kitchen, you might not have room for a washer or dryer in there. No problem! If you can get plumbing to your hallway, you could include all the utility space you need beneath your stairs.

Swipe through the photos of this DIY project by @No40_Home_Renovation on Instagram to see the step-by-step of how to add a handy laundry space underneath your staircase.


My favourite idea for using the under-stair space is to create a reading nook – preferably with some built-in bookcases too! This DIY project by @autographhotels and @lido_house, built by @mwcustomhomes provides little extra space for kids (or me!) to chill out with a book.

Photo credit @ryangarvin

If your staircase is within the living room, this is an ideal way to achieve some extra seating if there isn’t space for another sofa in a cosy room. I love the built-in storage drawers beneath the snuggly bench too – I’d stow my journal and books in those!

What do you think of these ideas for making the most of the space underneath your staircase? I’m probably going to add some shelves or cupboards to my space to begin with and eventually try to incorporate it into the living room. Let me know what you use your under-stair space for in the comments below 🙂

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  1. These are all such good ideas. I would love to turn mine into a little reading nook. At the moment it is a cupboard we use as a larder and also a storage place for the vacume cleaner.

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