Upcycling charity shop homewares into cute storage for my home office

If you want to kit out your home (or home office, like me!) with some gorgeous coordinating homewares but haven’t got the budget to splash out on new items, why not head to your local charity shop to see what you can find? Here’s how I upcycled my Barnardos haul into useful storage for my home offce…


Book Review: The Joy of Missing Out + Win a copy of the book!

If you’ve ever felt that FOMO feeling, the Joy of Missing Out could be the book for you. Written by Danish philosopher and psychologist Svend Brinkmann, it’s a celebration of living life in moderation and shares the joy of occasionally missing out on the constant temptations of consumer society.

Days Out

3 Sports to boost your health in 2019 (without realising you’re exercising!)

If boosting your health this coming year is important to you, have you considered taking up a new sport? Trying something different can give your new years resolution a kick-start – you’ll hardly notice that you’re exercising as you get to grips with a new skill or sport. If you’re hoping to get more active this year perhaps today’s blog post will help. I thought I’d share the sports I’m planning to take up in 2019, which might inspire you to do the same.


Six super-easy and affordable ways to brighten up your smile

Smiling is good for you. When you smile, a little burst of happy hormones is released into your brain, which gives you a mental lift. It also helps you to make friends as people are drawn to happy folk and smiling is contagious. With the new year coming up, why not make it your resolution to have the healthiest smile possible? Here’s how…


My freelance life: Why working from home can save you money

Other than an improved work-life balance, working from home has many benefits – and the extra money in your pocket is a big incentive. If you were to work out how much money you spend going to the office each day, you would be amazed. Allow me to throw some figures at you…

Personal development

5 Things you can do online today to improve your future career

With every type of information, product and service available on the internet, it’s never been easier to take control of your life and future. Online services can make your life admin easier and even help you change your career so here are five important things you can do online to boost your future life and business…

Personal development

Land your dream job by adding these transferable skills to your CV

If you’re on the hunt for your dream job, it can be difficult to see how your experience matches a job description. Soft and transferable skills are all just as valuable as a first-class degree so here are some of the most desirable transferable skills you should include in your application, as well as some of the amazing careers where you can make use of them…


Why you should get involved in a Christmas gift appeal this year…

Remember the shoebox appeal when you were younger? Packing up small gifts and essentials for someone who really needed it? I really wanted to get involved in a campaign like this in the run up to Christmas so I searched online to find a local charity. And I found a fantastic Christmas gift campaign… 


2 Simple swaps to stay healthy in the run-up to Christmas (+ beyond!)

Are you ready for Christmas? (Yes, I said it!) All the food, the indulgence and the mulled wine? I’m looking forward to it already, although the health-conscious me is already feeling a little wary. So I thought I’d share some ways that you can get ready for the festive season by cutting back now, to ensure a healthier, happier new year. 


What is friluftsliv & why is it the new hygge?

For the past few years we’ve all be striving to get that hygge feeling in our homes. But this autumn, a new scandi style is influencing our homes and lives: friluftsliv. But what does this mean? How can friluftsliv improve our living environment and make us feel happier? Read on to find out more…

Personal development

4 Ways to manage the budget of your small business

Managing the budget for your small business is one of the main things that an entrepreneur needs to deal with. No matter whether your business project meets the objectives set out in the beginning, and is delivered on time, if it goes wildly over budget, it is not going to be considered a success. And, of course, it is easy for businesses to go over budget, especially when changes are made. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips on how to manage the budget of your small business effectively.

Cruelty-free Life

Cruelty-free cleaning products & natural haircare from Oxfam

If you’re into cruelty-free living and eco-friendly products like me, you’ll be as interested as I was in the two new ranges of cleaning products and toiletries that I discovered this month. And the best thing is that buying these ethical products helps to support a charity too, so read on to see what I discovered on the Oxfam website…


How a bucket list can help you achieve your money-saving goals

Have you heard people talking about their bucket list and wondered what it was all about? Perhaps you’ve seen the famous movie and been pondering over creating a bucket list of your own. Anyone can have a bucket list and there are several reasons why you should make yours today. It can be long, short, extravagant or very simple. Whatever you decide to include it’ll be a great idea because it’s unique to you… 


How to stay organised in 2018

Once you’ve tackled most rooms in your home, purchased new storage solutions, and discarded things you no longer use, how do you continue to stay


Why my blog isn’t perfect

After blogging for 10+ years, I’ve made some very definite decisions on how I want to run my ‘little corner of the world wide web’.

Good Causes

Be more eco-friendly at home

While the high rate of technological advancement we’ve been enjoying over recent years has made life easier (and more fun!) us all, these developments are


5 Tips for healthy sleep

When it comes to sleep, there is no joking around. I’m what you’d call a ‘good’ sleeper now (although apparently, as a toddler, I was

Cassiefairy's News

My design interview with WhatHouse?

Oooh I have some exciting news – over the Easter holidays my interview with WhatHouse? was published and I’m so pleased to be able to share it

Art & Photography

Getting the best from your DSLR camera

In terms of making an investment in technology for the long-term, Digital SLR cameras are definitely the way to go. They are able to capture moments for you in ways that your smartphone simply can’t. And (even though there are upgrades available) if you have a decent camera then you can stick with it for life.

Personal development

No wifi for the weekend

When was the last time that you went offline? For me, it’s probably been years. Ever since I got my first smart phone I’ve not

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