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Home buying

Moving to a new house? 5 Things to inspect before you move in

Buying a new home is a really exciting time even if it often feels like it takes forever between finding the house and completing on the purchase. But just because the mortgage company has completed a survey, it doesn’t mean that the house is ready for you. There are several other things you should have inspected before you move in…

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Cruelty-free Life

5 Easy (money-saving!) ideas to make your home and life more sustainable

Everyone wants to do their little bit to help the environment and there are so many effective, yet simple changes that could be done around the house that could help the world become more sustainable. Here are just 5 great ideas that you could do on a day-to-day basis that will really contribute to a better planet. Oh, and some of them will even save you some money too..!

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How to maintain your water heater this autumn

The good news is that your tankless water heater will work to its optimum ability if it is well maintained and taken care of. There are many things that can be done to ensure the smooth running of your water heater this autumn. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guide for the best results and here are 4 more tips to help you maintain your tankless water heater:

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