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4 living room layouts that make the most of your space

The difficulty with moving house is finding space for all your existing furniture. It’s likely that your rooms will be a different size and shape from your previous home and that may affect what pieces you can and can’t bring with you to the new location. When I move house I’m pretty sure that my trusty old sofa won’t fit into the layout of the new living room, but I’m intrigued to know just what would work. I’ve been doing some research into living room layouts to try to make the most of awkward spaces and I thought I would share my findings with you.

Image source: Blomma London. Creating a ‘false wall’ effect with a sofa.

Long, open-plan rooms

When you’ve got a space that needs to be used for a variety of purposes, it’s a good idea to use furniture to create ‘zones’ within the room. Placing a sofa across the room can act as a wall, dividing the living area from a dining space, for example. In long rooms or open plan homes, where you have to walk through the room to get to the hallway or kitchen, this also creates a natural corridor space along the side of the room. Keeping this area clear of furniture will accentuate the zones you’ve created in the room.

Image source: The perfect layout for conversations.

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Bath v Shower – You decide!

When it comes to bathroom planning, which is best? It’s a home-owners’ dilemma and one that I want to get to the bottom of today. Maybe you could help me; What do you think is the best choice for a bathroom? If you were fitting a bathroom from scratch, what would you choose? Which is the most practical or which would you not want to go without? I’m having a think about all these questions as I write today’s interior design inspiration blog post and I’d love to get your feedback.

Ideal-Standard-shower inspiratio design ideasAre showers best?

This debate popped into my head this weekend and it’s all down to my Easter holiday. I took a trip to Yorkshire and stayed in a couple of places – one was a hotel and the other was a holiday cottage. Both of these locations were comfortable, gorgeously decorated and had a bath. There was a joyful moment as I checked out these bathrooms and discovered the bath, as it meant that I knew I had a relaxing session of bathing ahead of me.bathroom blue tiles trend inspiration

Do you prefer a bath?

I think it’s the fact that we only have a shower at home that got me so excited about the prospect of having a bath. I didn’t actually realise that I missed owning a bath so much until I saw them in the hotel and cottage. I guess you don’t think about it day-to-day, you just live with what you’ve got. But, in fact, I do enjoy having a proper fitted shower at home…bathroom bath v shower ideas for home

images courtesy of SuperBath

Prior to my current home we had only a bath, which meant that washing took much longer and needed to be planned out in advance by turning the water heater on. So when I got a shower in my current home, I was in heaven! I’ve never washed so regularly in my life – two showers in one day? why not! So why was I so excited about the bath I saw in that hotel en suite? Let’s look at the pros and cons of bath v shower…

Bath Pros

  1. Chill out time is guaranteed; there’s no such thing as a ‘quick bath’ and you can read a book or magazine.
  2. It’s a great winter activity – being surrounded by warm water is very luxurious when it’s frosty outside.
  3. You can wash your kids/dog/sheep in the bath.
  4. I get to buy lots of delicious-smelling bath bombs from Lush.
  5. A bath makes your bathroom feel luxurious and more like a hotel.

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I really couldn’t believe it when an email dropped into my inbox telling me that I’d been shortlisted in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015! Yes, my little thrifty blog has been shortlisted in the DIY & Craft Category and I am chuffed to bits! I know I’ve been sharing lots of interior inspiration and project posts over the past couple of years but didn’t really consider myself to be any kind of specialist on the subject – I’ve just been updating you on what I’ve been doing to my home since we moved here three years ago – but I’m so thrilled that someone nominated me and that Amara have included me in the awards this year. It’s simply amazing news, and I am delighted. The Cheshire Cat has nothing on my grin right now!eco friendly bamboo bath bridge shelf_-2diy painting and installing small shed - duck egg blue beach hut in garden-20The voting for the awards opened last week while I was away so this is the first chance I’ve had to share the great news with you and to show you my own profile page on the Amara Interior Blog Awards website. It’s all just so exciting to be included with SO MANY other fantastic interior design blogs – even Kelly Hoppen is a shortlister, just like me!

The competition is really stiff, with 60 other blogs included in my category, so I’m very grateful for all votes for my little blog and I want to ask whether you could help me become a finalist by voting for me here. And please let me know if you do vote by tweeting me @Cassiefairy so that I can say thanks!Orange Tweed Mill Blanket Knitted Wool Throw Tartan grey sofa retro dralon cushion 60s 70sdiy desk makeover project - mid-century modern-3I’ve had a look back over my recent interior projects since being shortlisted and I thought I would share some of the blog posts today, just in case you need any encouragement to believe that I am an interiors blog, honest! I’m currently spending the summer holidays painting my tiny kitchen and giving it a thrifty DIY makeover with new fabrics, secondhand storage and lots of chalkboard paint, so I’ll be sharing photos of this project soon – watch this space!natural textures and colours in this bedroom makeover-5The first room to have a thrifty makeover was the bedroom. Without a budget for decorating I decided to use a £2 sachet of wallpaper paste to create a feature wall using old books. If you’re interested, I used a Marilyn Monroe biography, a book on growing roses and old sheet music!natural textures and colours in this bedroom makeover-9I’ve always loved mid-century design and the more garish, the better! When I saw the teak doors in our new home I knew that orange would be perfect for the living room. I used £6 rolls of wallpaper from the Next sale for one wall and created cushions to match my retro record boxes by photographing the pattern and printing it onto fabric. I’ve just bought a faded second-hand G-Plan chair that needs a little makeover so I’ll be sure to share this project soon.

The bathroom was a big project for us; it needed a new bath so my husband and I watched some YouTube tutorials before attempting to do the work ourselves. Thankfully, everything went well and we continued the project by using pressure-treated wood that we rescued from a skip to make a bath panel, clad the walls and create a storage unit. I am really excited to let you know that my thrifty bathroom has since been photographed for a feature in Style at Home magazine so I’ll be sure to share this soon!

You can read more about my garden makeover, caravan renovation and DIY projects through my home inspirations page so please have a browse around and let me know if you find any of it

I hope you can spare a minute to vote for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015 – it really would be a dream come true to be a finalist! My voting page is here and I am eternally grateful for every single vote, thank you!

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