4 Things that’ll help you move house before Christmas

At this time of year, everything seems to be about ‘doing it before Christmas’. The celebration provides a handy marker to complete your goals before the end of the year. But what if moving into a new house is your goal? Here are some ways you can achieve it before Christmas…


Allotment update: I’ve weeded the plot!

After a wet and warm summer, the allotment plot was ridiculously overgrown with weeds. Here’s a rather satisfying before and after of the work we’ve done to get it back to being a usable plot, plus some updates on our current produce…

DIY furniture makeovers

DIY video: Upcycling my Adirondack chairs with vibrant stripes

If your patio chairs or garden benches are looking a little worse for wear after years in your backyard, why not give them a fresh makeover with some seaside-inspired stripes? Here’s a step-by-step video to show you how I upcycled my Adirondack seats for summer…

Home buying

How to buy your own home on a budget with shared ownership

With soaring interest rates, unaffordable property prices and saving for a deposit often out of reach, it may feel like you’ll never get a chance to buy your own home. Here’s how shared ownership is helping first-time buyers to invest sooner rather than later…


How to personalise a lunch box and flask for back-to-school

I know the school holidays have only just started but why not encourage your family to customise their flasks or upcycle their lunchboxes over the summer break? It’s a fun crafting activity that’ll help them get ready for back-to-school…


6 Soft furnishing sewing projects & how to find fabrics on a budget

Making your own soft furnishings is one of the easiest DIY projects to tackle for your home. Here’s a round-up of simple sewing projects (and some no-sew ones too!) that’ll help you update your decor. Plus, I’ve shared some thrifty ways to get hold of suitable fabrics too…

Special Occasions

6 Affordable & handmade gifts for friends and loved ones in 2023

When it comes to showing our appreciation for the special people in our lives, gifts play a significant role – and I’m not talking about gifts that are over-the-top and impossible to afford, but thoughtful gifts that come from a space of love and empathy. Here are 6 affordable present ideas…

Money Saving Tips

3 Ways to save money on (almost!) everything you buy

If you’ve got things to buy – whether it’s a gift, back-to-school clothing or even your weekly food shop – there’ll probably be a way that you can save money on your purchases. Here are three ideas to help you cut the cost of your shopping…

Money Saving Tips

The Insider’s guide to shopping auctions and estate sales

Auctions and estate sales offer opportunities for thrifty folk to get great deals on all sorts of amazing items. If you’ve always been interested in this scene, but never had the courage to actually get involved, here’s an introduction to all you need to know to start your thrifting journey…


7 Top money-saving tips for your wedding catering

When a wedding is on the horizon and you’re sticking to a budget there are countless things to think about, so take the catering off your list with these handy tips to help you cut the cost of feeding your guests…


3 Ideas for creating a zero-maintenance garden

If you love the idea of enjoying some time outdoors this summer but just can’t face all the chores that come with maintaining a garden, here are three ideas that’ll help you create a space with zero ongoing effort…

Days Out

Ideas for saving money on meals during family days out

If you’re enjoying more days out during the summer, an extra expense is often the food and drinks you’ll need to buy while you’re out and about. Here are some ideas for saving money on meals when you’re eating out – or even if you’re staying in with a takeaway…


5 Clever storage solutions for new homeowners

As a new homeowner, finding innovative ways to store your belongings is essential for maintaining a clutter-free and organised living space. Here are my ultimate space-saving storage ideas…

Valentine's Day

How to source your dream engagement ring on a thrifty budget

While the prospect of getting engaged can set happy butterflies bumbling around your stomach, the feeling often gets tempered by the thought of having to pay for all that this entails. Here’s how to save money on your engagement…


Home tour of the most glorious gold & animal print-packed interior

The interior of your home is the ideal place to combine all your favourite things while expressing your personality at the same time. Follow Sally’s example and surround yourself with playful pieces, animal prints and glinting gold details to create a home that feels completely unique to you.


What can plywood be used for? 5 Possible applications

Have you ever wondered what plywood is used for? From furniture to construction, this versatile material can be used in various ways to give high-quality results. Whether you’re looking for new DIY project ideas or are just curious about its many applications, here are five possible uses for ply…

Cruelty-free Life

Natural and vegan beauty brands from around the world

I’ve often written about my favourite natural beauty products but, as I live in England, most of these UK-based brands and I want to spread the message about vegan beauty companies from around the world so that everyone can get on board the cruelty-free train…


Easter gifts for kids (that aren’t made of chocolate)

If your children have already been given enough chocolate for Easter, maybe they would prefer a few non-sweet treats? These Easter-inspired gifts are ideal for keeping kids entertained during the school holidays and can teach them a little something too..


4 Ways to adjust to daylight saving time with ease

As the clocks spring forward this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to figure out how to minimise the effects of the time change on our brains and to make sure we can still get a great night’s sleep throughout BST…


Should we be worrying about the effect of rising interest rates on borrowing?

The Bank of England’s base interest rate has been changing rapidly over the last year, with more fluctuations likely in the coming months. But how much will the prime rate affect your personal borrowing? Do you need to worry about it now when the rates might change again in the future? Here are some things to consider…


Allotment update: The plot thickens

Well, actually, the plot expands. We’ve taken on a larger allotment so that we can grow even more of our own fruit and veg this year. Here are our plans for the bigger veggie patch…


The ultimate guide to honeymooning in Greece

At this time of year, it seems like weddings are everywhere. It’s the start of the season when brides and grooms start to plan the details of their wedding and honeymoon. So, if you’re getting married this year, I hope that this guide to visiting Greece will help you decide on your travel destination.


How to DIY that holiday home look in your own bedroom

It’s so lovely to escape for a short break every once in a while, but just what is it that makes a holiday home feel so relaxing? And how can you DIY that look and feel in your own house? Here are some tips to achieve that getaway vibe on a budget…

Home buying

How to downsize your home to save money on bills

Downsizing might not be an option for all of us to save money on our bills but, if you’re living in a property that’s bigger than you need, you may want to investigate the option of moving house and cutting your costs at the same time. Here are some things to consider…

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