Five smart investment strategies for a fabulous future

Even though the current financial climate is uncertain, we should all still be looking ahead to the future and planning our next steps. Rather than putting our financial plans on hold, here are five ways that you can make your money work for you…


7 Things you can do to enjoy a budget-friendly road trip

Are you dreaming of the open road? Are you thinking about that horizon stretched into the distance? What about the wind blowing at you, passing by breathtaking views? Here are 7 things that’ll help you enjoy your adventure without splashing the cash…


Sunshine & style: How to rework your wardrobe for the new season

Summer style is synonymous with lightness, comfort and trends that can handle the heat while delivering lovely, fresh looks. In this guide, I’ll explore how to make the most of your existing wardrobe to get it ready for the sunny season…


Using tech to boost your wellness from your very own home

Traditionally, most things associated with building better health and wellbeing have been outside of the home. You go to your doctor’s office to get treatment, or to the studio to do yoga. Here’s how to boost your wellness from the convenience of your own home…


3 Frugal & fun sports you might not have considered

If you’re embracing a healthy lifestyle and want to get more movement into your routine, playing sports can be a fun way to exercise and connect with others. Here are three interesting sports you might not have considered…


3 Healthy activities that can be enjoyed by all the family

If your busy family life makes it difficult to stay healthy, why not consider doing some fun activities that all the family can take part in? They’ll benefit from the health improvements that extra movement can bring plus you’ll all get a boost to your mental wellbeing…

Side Hustle Business

Microcredits: Step by step to small business development

If you’re setting up a small business or want to grow your start-up with a cash injection, it’s important to find the right kind of financial support, with the accessibility, repayment timelines and rates to suit you. Here are some funding avenues to consider when you’re turning your side hustle into something bigger…


Thoughtful gift ideas for a child’s first birthday

If you have been invited to the first birthday party of a loved one, chances are you’re wondering what to buy for the little one. Whether it’s a niece, nephew, friend’s child or your own toddler, you want a first birthday present to be something meaningful. Here are some ideas…


Plumbing bills draining you? Proven ways to save big on fixes

If you cringe every time a plumber’s van pulls up, this blog post is for you because saving money on plumbing doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Let’s dive into practical tips, smart DIY moves, and strategies for finding the right plumber – all designed to keep more cash in your pocket…


3 Practical tips to become a DIY expert

If you to want to try out some DIY projects but sometimes feel like you don’t have the skills for it, that’s completely natural. But if I can do it, anyone can! Here’s how you can become a DIY expert and get those projects done yourself…


5 Ways to make the most of a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom and feel like you need more space, here are five ways that you can easily and cheaply make the most of the room you have so that it feels more spacious…


4 Easy low-cost & FREE ways to refresh your bedroom for spring

Over the winter we often like to keep our bedrooms warm and cosy, with thick duvets and blankets, but there are so many benefits to refreshing your rooms for spring, including better sleep and a healthier space. These free or low-cost ideas will help you to achieve that crisp, fresh feeling…

Personal development

Empowering strategies for women’s self-improvement and wellness

There is a wide range of self-help strategies and practices tailored specifically to women, addressing areas such as mental health, physical well-being, career advancement, personal relationships and self-esteem, but how do you know what to focus on? Here are some ideas to aid your wellness journey…


5 Ways to elevate your home without spending a penny

We all want our homes to look and feel like a space we can be proud of. However, to really achieve this, we need to spend money. But what happens when you can’t afford to dip into your savings right now? Here are some each home hacks to elevate your space…

Home buying

Buying a house? Learn how to avoid a money pit!

When you’re searching for a new home and are putting your hard-earned savings into the property, how can you be sure it’s a good investment? Here are some ways to avoid buying a money pit…

Personal development

Rewarding career suggestions for people that want to help others

For some of us having a job just isn’t enough. What we want is a career that is meaningful to use, and often the best way to do this is to find a job where we can make a difference, and genuinely help others. The good news is many possible careers fit these criteria. Just keep reading to find some of the best options and what they entail below…


How to DIY a matching pair of bedside tables from an old chest of drawers

When I needed a pair of bedside tables but couldn’t find the mid-century modern style I wanted in the shops, I decided to make some myself. A small chest of drawers and some mid-century style screw-in legs from an old planter were all the materials I needed to create my minimalist beside units.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day gifts that you can organise right now

If January has ran away with you and all of a sudden Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, don’t worry – here are some romantic gift ideas and experiences that you can still order today and receive in time for Valentine’s…


5 Thrifty tips to look after your tyres this winter

If you’re travelling around this winter or even just commuting to work or school, it’s a good idea to look after your car and make sure the tyres are in top condition, ready for whatever the weather throws at you…


How to save a significant sum when building a home extension

Expanding your home can cost you a hefty slice of your savings, for sure. But does building a home extension always have to be a pricey endeavour? Well, it’s never exactly going to be cheap, but there are some thrifty tips you can put into action, to save a significant sum nonetheless…

Money Saving Tips

How to make saving money your top priority this year

Let’s chat about something that’s on everyone’s mind as we stride into this year: saving money. When you know how, it’s easy to transform your financial habits into a treasure trove of savings this year…


Old cars vs new electric vehicles – the pros and cons

Right now there is a debate raging in the car community concerning the sustainability of the vehicles we drive. If you’re considering ditching your old classic in favour of a new electric vehicle, here are both sides of the argument for you to help you decide…


Three types of home improvements that’ll add extra space

If you’re considering moving house this year, perhaps there’s another option? If you’re solely planning to move in order to gain more space, perhaps one of home improvement projects will help you to improve your square-footage AND add value to your property…


Budget-friendly ice baths: creating your DIY cold exposure sanctuary at home

As cold therapy gains mainstream popularity for its wide-ranging health and wellness benefits, more
people are looking to incorporate ice baths into their routines. However, commercial ice bath offerings can be prohibitively expensive for most. Thankfully, with some simple guidance, you can create your own affordable ice bath oasis at home…

Home tours

Home tour: Party-ready interior with pops of neon

This gorgeous apartment is just made for parties, which makes it the ideal home tour to share before new year! Be inspired by the dark decor, jungle-like environment and glowing neon lights…


Easy DIY project: Light-up Hollywood dressing room mirror

When I found this wide-framed dressing table mirror at a car boot sale for only a couple of pounds, I knew that it was the ideal size to create a light-up Hollywood mirror using solar-powered fairy lights. Here’s how you can create this glamorous look yourself:


DIY Project: Christmas tree wall shelves for festive treats

If you find it difficult to fit a Christmas tree into your home, here’s a handy solution: build these DIY shelves in the shape of a Christmas tree! It’s ideal for the festive season and beyond. Check out the easy step-by-step to make a unit like this for yourself…

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