3 Essential elements for outdoor entertaining this spring

If you're planning to host a garden party this spring or summer, here are some ideas for hosting a fantastic event in your own backyard, whether that's a birthday party, hen do or Easter gathering for the family...

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Welcome to March! It’s finally here, after what seemed like the longest winter ever. And straight away my thoughts have turned to the garden and how I can make the most of my outdoor space when I have friends and family over this Spring.

I think it’s because I spotted that the daffodils have just bloomed, so I dragged out the pots onto the patio yesterday and already it has brightened up the space. Now that spring is here, the garden will look prettier by the week and I want to share that with my family and friends.

Spring is a great time for getting out into the garden to celebrate. We’ve got Easter coming up soon, and there are multiple birthdays coming up within my family. Plus, we’ve got new babies and brides-to-be in our group of friends, so it’s inevitable that we’ll be hosting a celebration of some sort in our garden very soon.

So, I thought I would put together some essential elements for entertaining in the garden during the spring. From eats to activities and all-weather solutions, it’s time to get planning…

1. Food & drink

If you’re having your loved ones over for a fun day in the garden, where you can make the most of the fresh spring sunshine, you’re going to want to serve up some lovely things to eat and drink.

Barbeques are always a winner – it’s almost a challenge to see who can host the earliest spring BBQ, isn’t it? This is a great way to ensure that your guests stay in the garden throughout the party as all the food will be cooked and served outdoors.

This also means that there’s less chance of spills and mess indoors, which is handy if you have children at your party. If they stay outdoors, they can drip ketchup wherever they like and you can easily wash it away with a watering can.

Another easy option is to dish up ice creams for dessert. No plates or cutlery needed. You can set up an ice cream ‘station’ with sprinkles, sauces and tubs of different flavours so that guests can help themselves. Or even just hand out lollies and choc ices directly from the freezer – it’s a lovely refreshing treat when the sun is out and the weather is finally heating up.

2. Outdoor fun

Following on from food and drink, why not make that into a fun activity too? During birthday celebrations and hen parties, you could hire a bartender to mix up custom cocktails and even teach a mixology class to the group.

Again, because you’re hosting the party outside, it’s less of a problem if a drink is spilt, so novice cocktail-makers can drop their shakers as much as they like! This is so much more fun than just refilling your friend’s glasses yourself, and it turns the whole event into a truly unforgettable occasion for the bride or the birthday person.

Another idea for an outdoor event is garden games. Go for traditional lawn games like croquet, quoits and boules if you’re having a laid-back garden party with relatives. Games like these can elevate a simple scone in the garden into a lavish afternoon tea when you add classy contests on the lawn.

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3. All-weather solutions

The thing with hosting an outdoor event in the spring is that the weather can change in an instant. You can enjoy bright sunshine in the morning and it be drizzling by lunchtime. However, at least the temperature doesn’t drop too much, so you can continue being outdoors IF you have the right coverage.

You could plan ahead by popping up a small gazebo over the patio or decking. This allows you to gather undercover if a rain shower blows through and you can still enjoy being outdoors with food and drinks. A gazebo also provides much-needed shade if it gets too hot in the midday sun.

Similarly, just a large patio umbrella can help to provide protection. As long as you’re all around the table, you should be covered by the canopy of the parasol. Plus, have you ever seen those sails or pull-out awnings? Another couple of handy options for creating shade and providing shelter.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to just have some blankets to hand. That way, you can offer a little extra cosiness to your guests if it starts to feel fresh or if the event carries on into the evening. Just hand out some throws and pop on the fairy lights to keep the party going without everyone retreating to the warmth of indoors.

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Let me know what other things you’d need to consider for a Springtime garden party in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you’ve done in the past when you’ve hosted friends and family outdoors.

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