How to DIY a bin store using leftover timber or pallet wood

If you’re spending more time in the garden and need a project to work on, here’s an easy DIY that you can complete in a day. And, if you’re anything like me, yo probably already have all of the materials you need lying around on your wood pile, or perhaps you’ve got a pallet stowed behind the shed? Here’s how to turn that old timber into something useful…

It was only last month that we decided to tidy up our bins. We thought about buying a flat-packed bin store but then realised that it still wouldn’t be quite right for our needs. What we wanted was a custom-made design that would fit in our wheelie bin, the rectangular bin we use in the garden, plus some extra space for recycling.

You see, we have a lot of recycling tubs on the go at any one time. That’s because many categories of waste can’t be recycled in our usual roadside collection. We therefore store glass in a box until we’re ready to take it to the bottle bank and stash fabrics away until we can head to the local household waste recycling centre.

So we thought it would be handy to have a bin store that also incorporates space for our recycling tubs and, at the same time this middle shelving section helps to make the bin store even sturdier. Which also means it’s heavier than a usual bin store – so build it where you want it to be rather than carry it around the house, it’s too heavy (as we discovered!) and be sure to attach it securely to your fence, deck, shed or garage to make 100% sure that it doesn’t topple over and cause damage.

I’ve shared a step-by-step guide to make this bin store on the Addis blog so please head over there to see how it’s made, and how you could cobble it together using any timber you already have in the garden. It doesn’t matter if the wood is messy or different colours because you’ve probably got some fence treatment or shed stain in your garage that you could use to create a clean and tidy finish.

We already had a tin of garden paint in a grey shade that I used for my scaffold board garden table DIY project last summer. So not only does the wood now all look the same colour, the bin store also matches the rest of our garden, so you barely notice it – lovely!



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  1. Can be completed in a day, indeed. This is so resourceful and creative. Thank you so much for sharing this DIY. Great job doing it too!

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