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Great to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Get in touch – there are plenty of ways we can chat..!

  1. Hi Louise, I’m so pleased to hear you’re working on a caravan renovation project of your own! I’d love you to email me with updates on how you’re getting on with it & I’m happy to help out with any of your questions. My email address is so please do keep in touch 😀

  2. Hello Cassie,
    I’m new to blogs and Instagram and I’ve yet to figure out Facebook but I’m a keen learner. I found your site by sheer luck and I discovered we have something in common. An old caravan. Since I just retired I’d like to spruce up mine and I so love what you did with yours that I’d like to ask for your help. If you agree to become my teacher, I’ll explain what I need and I could keep your e-mail address handy for longer chats (if you agree to that too).
    My caravan is a 1987 Cadet 13′ long made in Poland and assembled in Canada, where I live with me dog Fredy.
    I’ll let you go for now and I will keep visiting your site no matter what you decide. Take care. Louise

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