Sunshine & style: How to rework your wardrobe for the new season

Summer style is synonymous with lightness, comfort and trends that can handle the heat while delivering lovely, fresh looks. In this guide, I’ll explore how to make the most of your existing wardrobe to get it ready for the sunny season…

Cruelty-free Life

Natural and vegan beauty brands from around the world

I’ve often written about my favourite natural beauty products but, as I live in England, most of these UK-based brands and I want to spread the message about vegan beauty companies from around the world so that everyone can get on board the cruelty-free train…

Cruelty-free Life

Natural, vegan and plastic-free beauty treats for autumn

As we head into a new season (and begin to prepare for the busy festive rush!) I’ve come up with a list of lovely beauty treats that we all deserve to enjoy this autumn. Whether you need hydrating skincare for the changing weather or even just relaxing day to yourself, these treats are recyclable, cruelty-free and natural. Enjoy..!


How to make savings on your summer essentials

With the promise of a long hot summer to come, now is the perfect time to get your warm-weather essentials sorted. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to find the best (and lowest!) prices on the things you need to survive the summer…

Sewing projects

3 Ways to create unique clothing for your Spring wardrobe

If you’ve never considered DIYing your own clothing collection for Spring, here are three thrifty ways that you can achieve a unique look through creating your own custom designs, sewing and upcycling your existing wardrobe…


Natural and sustainable beauty gift ideas for Christmas

There’s nothing more luxurious than receiving a lovely skincare or haircare treat at Christmas. Even though we all joke about getting a pack of ‘smellies’ each year, it actually feels rather pampering to receive a cruelty-free, natural product, especially if it has the added bonus of being recyclable too. Here are some sustainable gift ideas…


Post-lockdown skincare – natural solutions for ‘maskne’

It’s likely that we’ll still be wearing masks for many months to come, so it’s important to consider our post-lockdown skincare routine. Here are some natural solutions to help prevent outbreaks of ‘maskne’ – blemishes caused by regular mask wearing…


Upbeat, colourful clothing for an optimistic summer

With more restrictions being lifted it’s no wonder many of us have started refreshing our wardrobe for the new season. If you’re planning to swap your loungewear for leaving-the-house-wear, here’s some colourful, upbeat clothing to inspire you…


3 Autumn/Winter wardrobe essentials for work, rest and play

Although I already have a wardrobe full of my absolute favourite clothing (and I get excited when it’s time to pull out the jumpers and jeans for autumn!) I’ve noticed a few gaps and have found the ideal seasonal items to fill them…


How to DIY a Christmas t-shirt with heat-transfer vinyl

If you want to get into the festive spirit but don’t want to splash the cash on a new Christmas jumper, I’ve come up with an easy DIY version that you can make at home. I’ve used a T-shirt that I picked up from the charity shop for just £2 but you could add a festive design to any sweatshirt or tee you already have at home. Here’s how…


3 Fashion essentials to pack in your suitcase for a winter getaway

If you’re planning a winter getaway this year, it can be difficult to know what to pack. Those chunky jumpers quickly fill up a suitcase, I can tell you! Likewise, you don’t want to under-pack, as you’ll end up feeling chilly and have to stay indoors rather than heading out exploring. So I’ve put together a list of essentials that you should pack in your suitcase to survive a winter break, whatever the weather throws at you..!


5 Low-cost recipes & methods to take care of your skin on a budget

If you’ve ever been to those beauty counters in department stores or have shopped online for skin care products you will know how expensive they can be. Even brands that are seen as ‘cheaper alternatives’ are still expensive. So, in today’s post, I’m taking a look at some budget skincare options that you can use to look after your skin. I wrote how the winter weather can affect your skin last month so this time I’ve come up with some low-cost solutions and recipes to DIY your skincare…


Why you only need 3 items of footwear this autumn/winter

Is your shoe rack overflowing at the front door? Do you have more than one pair stuffed into each aperture of the shoe cubby in your wardrobe? Have you got extra boots in boxes under your bed? Don’t worry – you CAN minimise your footwear collection if you stick to the essentials and here are the only three shoe styles you’ll need to see you through the coming season…


Guest post: Best tips for bargain fashionistas from a professional

If you’re like me and refuse to pay designer prices but you want to wear the latest trends AND save money, it can be tough to build a wardrobe you love. However, today’s guest blogger explains that there’s no shortage of ways to achieve this on a budget…

Money Saving Tips

How to customise your summer t-shirts to wear all year round

So you’re coming to the end of the summer and it’s time to put those tees away for another year. Just a sec… why don’t you give your t-shirts a new lease of life by upcycling them for autumn? Here are four easy ways to revamp your summer wardrobe for the new season…


Frugal fashion: Costume jewellery vs sterling silver jewellery

I’ve always believed that there’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap. So, when it comes to jewellery, is it better to buy cheap jewellery that costs less to replace or should you invest in high-quality jewellery? As a frugal fashionista, your choice ultimately comes down to pricing so here are the considerations for and against buying ‘real’ vs ‘costume’ jewellery…


Guest Post: These 9 Healthy foods will help to keep your hair strong

Your hair is not only your crowning glory it is also an outward indicator of your internal health. Just like skin, the state of your hair not only depends on how you care for it externally, but on how you nourish it from the inside. That’s why today’s guest post is all about the healthy foods you can eat to enhance your hair without spending a fortune on treatments…


Guest Post: 5 Natural alternatives to expensive skin care products

Everyday stress and pollution can cause a lot of damage to your skin. There are skincare products you can use to help you combat these negative effects, but they can also be very expensive, so here are five natural alternatives—some of which you may find in your very own kitchen:


Festival fashion inspiration – three outfits for three days

If you’re heading off to a festival this summer, you’re probably planning your outfits already. You’ve got to look great all weekend long, while fitting all your outfits and accessories into one backpack – so what are the essential fashion items you’ll need to see you through the festival? Here are three thrifty festival outfits that’ll ensure you stay looking fresh, whatever the weather…


The 8 essential style staples you need to create a minimalist wardrobe

Fashion is ever-changing, with trends coming and going every season. As nice as it is to follow the latest trends, they can date easily and allow you to get swept up into the world of ‘fast fashion.’ The key to saving money while still looking great is to work on creating a classic and timeless wardrobe. By doing this, you’re ready for practically any occasion life can throw at you. Here’s 8 style staples to get you started…

Money Saving Tips

7 Spending lessons we can learn from the way we used to shop

If you’ve been getting into a pickle with your spending in recent years, it’s not your fault. The ways in which we’re encouraged to shop these days has changed SO much that it’s no surprise we’re struggling. Discount codes, saved baskets, flash sales, online-only, virtual products, and one-click ordering makes the shopping process fast, impulsive and, sometimes, mindless. Which is why I’ve looked back at the ways we used to shop pre-internet to discover some lessons that we can use today to take control of our shopping habits…

Money Saving Tips

The right way to shop online to find deals on products & services

Shopping online is quickly becoming the go-to for most people. The extra convenience, paired with great prices and special offers available, makes online shopping that much more fun. Of course, there are things you can do to make sure you are shopping online the right way so that you get the best deals available – here’s what you should consider…


How to keep blonde hair looking healthy during the summer months

With celebrities like Lady Gaga rocking cool icy blonde locks, the platinum trend is going to be huge for summer. BUT it can be difficult to look after dyed blonde hair when the weather heats up. If you want to brighten your blonde hair or are thinking of adding some highlights during the summer months, I’ve got some tips from Philip Kingsley to help you to maintain healthy hair.


Sea, sunshine and my super-comfortable sandals for summer…

If you’re looking for summer sandals that’ll be comfortable all season long, today’s review is for you. I’ve taken my new sandals for a ‘test drive’ along the coast, from path to beach, and here’s what I think of them…


4 Everyday (inexpensive!) ways to stay healthy and look beautiful

As the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel — but most of us want to look young, too! More than ever before, marketers are trying to cash in on this with the global anti-ageing industry topped out at over $42 billion USD in 2018, and is expected to reach over $55 billion within the next four years. Yikes! If you’re wondering about less spendy ways to keep your skin supple and youthful, here are several ways to ensure that your health and beauty goes more than skin deep…


Which broadband suppliers are the most ethical & eco-friendly?

The ethical shopping movement doesn’t stop at the places you buy your food and clothing; it can include your utilities and broadband service provider as well. If you’re interested in sustainable brands, here’s a list of some utilities suppliers who can help your bills become more ethical too…


4 Affordable fashion items that you’re going to need all year round

If you’re heading out to the high street this weekend, this could be your chance to complete your wardrobe with items that you’ll need all year round. Here’s a shopping list of three essential fashion pieces that won’t cost much, but can be used A LOT…


How to look after curly and wavy hair to tame that fluffy mane

In a bid to tame my wild hair, I’ve been doing some research into tricks and tips for curly manes. If you too want to turn your fluffy barnet into a sleek, wavy style that looks deliberate rather than ‘just got out of bed’, I’ve got some expert advice to get you started…


7 Affordable gift ideas for your favourite fella on Father’s Day

Straight off the back of Mother’s Day, let’s chat about Father’s Day! Let’s face it, when it comes to buying your dad a gift, you probably need to think a bit more out of the box than a traditional tie. But don’t panic – Father’s Day isn’t until 16th June, so you’ve got plenty of time to make some plans. What are some affordable alternatives for Father’s Day this year? Here are 7 gift ideas for your favourite fella…


5 Tips for a personality-packed confidence-boosting wardrobe

The clothing you wear should make you feel confident and happy each day. If you feel the opposite, you might need to tweak your wardrobe so here are some tips to help you discover your personal style when you’re planning a fashion overhaul…


3 Essential accessories that you only need to buy once

Did you know that there are things in your wardrobe that you only need to buy ONCE? If you choose the right item in the first place, you can get that cost-per-wear down to pennies! Here’s 3 accessories to get you started:

Sewing projects

8 Creative ways to refashion a plain T-shirt for next-to-nothing

If you want to update your wardrobe for 2019 but don’t have the budget to go out shopping, why not reuse what you already have in your wardrobe? When you refashion a plain t-shirt, you’re creating a unique fashion piece that no-one else owns and you can usually do it for less than £5 because there are so many low-cost DIY hacks out there. Here are 8 creative and thrifty refashioning ideas to get you started…


Six super-easy and affordable ways to brighten up your smile

Smiling is good for you. When you smile, a little burst of happy hormones is released into your brain, which gives you a mental lift. It also helps you to make friends as people are drawn to happy folk and smiling is contagious. With the new year coming up, why not make it your resolution to have the healthiest smile possible? Here’s how…


3 Wardrobe essentials that’ll help you stay snug all winter long

Having a fantastic winter wardrobe doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg or include countless new pieces of clothing. By adding just a few extra pieces you’ll be able to sail through the season looking effortlessly cool. Here are the three things you need to get you through the winter without breaking the bank…


Cosy clothing to prepare you for cold and wet winter weather

Fellwalker Alfred Wainwright once said “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Seeing as the Met Office have said that the UK has experienced more weather extremes (both hot and cold) in recent years, I’ve decided to prepare myself for a nippy winter ahead. Here’s what you need to stay cosy in the cold…

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