How to save time, money (and stress!) by creating your own at-home spa

If, like me, you've become used to doing your own hair and beauty treatments over the past couple of years, you may well want to continue enjoying spa-like sessions at home. Here are some ideas to pamper yourself this autumn...

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It’s so important to take time out of our busy lives for a little me-time. And there’s nothing nicer than including some personal pampering in your self-care routine. It’s not only good for your skin, hair and body, it’s also great for your mind too. Relaxation, and that feeling of doing something just for you, is key to your mental wellbeing.

But what if you’re not keen to go to a salon and it would cause you more stress to do so?

There are many reasons why you might prefer to keep your beauty routine home-based, especially after recent events. Perhaps you like the privacy it offers? Maybe you’re simply not comfortable in being around lots of people in a bustling hair salon? Or is the amount of money you can save a factor?

Whatever the reason, it’s a frugal (and fun!) idea to stay home and enjoy a touch of pampering. Here’s a few ways you can still achieve that salon feeling:


Firstly, whatever treatment you’re planning to enjoy at home, you’ve got to make your environment into a peaceful spa-like space. There’s no point putting on a face mask while sitting at your desk and answering emails. That’s simply not a relaxing vibe!

Take the time to tidy up, launder your fluffy white towels, put on your bath robe and light some scented soy candles. The more peaceful the atmosphere, the better – so play some music (relaxing jazz on YouTube is my personal favourite) and allocate a decent amount of time for your pampering session.

Professional spa services

Thanks to the changing world we live in, it’s now possible to bring the spa to your door. Remember mobile hairdressers? Well, now you can enjoy mobile spa services in the comfort of your own home. You can book every type of treatment that you’d find in a salon, from massages and spray tans to blow dries and professional make-up application with a mobile make-up artist (even Halloween looks!) by booking with at-home hair and beauty specialists such as USPAAH.

It saves you time and money too, as you don’t need to get in the car and fill up with fuel, travel to the location or pay for parking. Wellbeing-wise, you also don’t have to experience the stress of finding the spa or the anxiety of being late for your appointment. And there’s nothing worse than worrying about the session overrunning and possibly getting a parking ticket while you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Instead, you can simply sit back and chill out in the safety of your own space with no worries to disturb your peace.

At-home treatments

One of the reasons why I’ve been enjoying doing my own hair and beauty treatments this year is that I have control over the products I use. As someone with very sensitive skin, I like to know exactly what ingredients are in the cosmetics, skin care and hair products I’m using to be sure that I won’t react to an ingredient that I’m sensitive to. It’s hardly relaxing to be concerned about the purity of a product when you’re supposed to be chilling out in a salon.

Plus, I find that it’s much more cost-effective to buy the products to do your own treatments at home than it is to have the same treatment at a salon. Even the most luxe organic facial products are probably equal-to or cheaper than a spa facial, so it’s worth looking at the price list of your local salon and see how it compares to you buying the same product and doing it at home yourself.

Of course, there are many beauty treatments that you shouldn’t do at home yourself – like perming, tinting or more intensive procedures – as these should be done by professionals (who can come to your home). I’m talking about simple things that you’re happy to do, such as creating a pretty manicure, enjoying a body scrub, giving yourself a facial or using a nourishing hair mask.

Now, all that’s left to do is to pour yourself a cup of mint tea, turn your phone onto silent and start relaxing in your at-home spa! Let me know if you’ve been enjoying spa-like treatments at home and why? And I’d love to hear if you’ve used any mobile salon services yourself so please share your experiences in the comments below.

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