3 Wardrobe essentials that’ll help you stay snug all winter long

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It can be difficult buying and dressing for winter as the colder weather means the simple, stylish outfits of summer don’t offer the warmth you need to get through the day. When you’re on a budget, this can complicate things further as you won’t have a lot of money to play around with to buy endless supplies of fashionable clothes.

However, having a fantastic winter wardrobe doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg or include countless new pieces of clothing. By using the money you do have to buy good quality clothing that lasts all winter, you will be able to sail through the season looking effortlessly cool. Here are the three things you need to get you through the winter without breaking the bank…


First of all, the best investment you can make this season is a winter coat that is both functional in keeping you cosy in the cold, while also being bang on trend. When I was younger I used to buy a new winter coat every year but if you buy a timeless tweed coat (sooo on trend right now and I’ve had mine below since 2012!) you’ll be able to wear it for years to come. If you struggle with high street sizing for coats, you can find a great range of plus size coats by shopping online for the perfect cosy fit. Having a coat that is inspired by the latest fashion trends is the best way to make sure you are always looking your best no matter what the weather but that said, sometimes a practical, warm, waterproof coat is all you really need.


The secret to dressing well for winter is learning how to properly layer your clothes and knowing the clothing items you just can’t go without. Staple items such as leggings and tights can be worn under jeans for some extra insulation or, by wearing both pairs over one another, they’ll keep your legs warm enough to continue wearing your favourite dresses into the winter. Other essentials such as vests and turtleneck sweaters are a great way to layer up so that you can carry on wearing your shirts from the summer without feeling chilly. The goal of stocking up on these relatively low-cost items is to adapt your best outfits to suit the climate rather than buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes. A final thing you’ll want to invest in is good quality boot socks so that your feet are always comfortable and warm.


The last thing you need to get to complete your brilliant winter wardrobe is a blanket scarf. Investing in a blanket scarf is a sound way to spend your budget as it can double up as a shawl if you pop out of work quickly to grab a coffee, or even as a blanket to cover your legs at your desk. This is yet another item that is highly versatile as there are up to nine ways to wear a blanket scarf to suit your style. Make sure however, you buy your scarf only after you have your winter coat to ensure the two complement each other.

Looking great and feeling warm this winter doesn’t have to cost you loads – let me know what bargains you’ve found recently and your winter wardrobe essentials in the comments below.


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