How to make a platform bed from pallets

If you need a bed but are on a budget, why not make one yourself? Today’s blog post shows you how to build a platform bed on wheels using pallets, with step-by-step photos of the whole process. If, like me, you’re a fan of upcycling and like to build things with pallet wood, the newly published book Pallet Style by Nikkita Palmer and Billy Barker is the one for you. And the great news is that I’ve got a copy of the book to give away to one lucky winner so read on to enter..!

This new DIY book just goes to show that there isn’t much you can’t build from pallets. Whether you want to fill your home with furniture or boost your storage, the step-by-step projects by Nikkita and Billy show just how easy it can be. I especially like all the photos of each project, showing every stage of the build. I find it much easier to follow along with photos than to figure it out from instructions – so this book is ideal for me.

I’ve been following Nikkita on instagram for years and have always admired the projects she creates from upcycled materials. So it’s amazing to have a whole stack of her inspirational projects in one place in the Pallet Style book. And it’s not just pallets that she’s recycling – there’s old wheels, corks, fixings, scaffolding, leather belts and even old toys in her projects. The DIYs are fun and sustainable so I do hope you’ll have a read of the book.

And in the meantime, here’s Nikkita and Billy’s pallet bed project:


Extract from Pallet Style by Nikkita Palmer, published by Kyle Books Image credit: Brent Darby

Although one of the larger projects in the book, our platform pallet bed is the most simple and can be carried out by all abilities. Perfect for those starting out in new and first homes, this bed is super cheap and can look really effective. Using whole pallets as a base gives the opportunity to experiment with many designs. Try including stepped platforms to give more height, or using the hollow cavities to store shoes or books.

Having recently moved from our tiny boat and with little income to spare, Billy and I made one of these for our own room, which looks great. Not only is this design practical and simple, but it gets lots of compliments from anyone who sees it. Our main advice for this project is to ensure all of the pallets are the same height and style to give an even and secure surface. These are easier to source from industrial sites where they only deal with one kind of product.


  • Tape measure
  • Pilot drill bit
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Electric Drill
  • Screw-driver bit
  • Electric sander and sandpaper
  • Ventilation mask
  • Combination square
  • Hand saw or Table saw
  • Paint brush


  • 4 identical pallets (the total dimension must be big enough to fit your chosen mattress), plus extra pallet boards to fill in gaps if needed
  • Connector plates
  • Wood Screws
  • 9 industrial castors (2–4 lockable)
  • 40mm (1½in) panel pins
  • OSB (oriented strand board)
  • Grey chalk paint
  • 4 Spring head nails or copper clout nails


Lay four identical pallets (underside facing up) on a flat surface to create the main base structure. Ours came to 239 x 159.5cm (95 x 63in) (see note under ‘Materials’).


Attach the pallets together at the blocks by making a pilot hole and countersink in each one. Using an electric drill and screwdriver bit, screw the pallets together using long screws.


You can also attach flat connector plates to the centre to strengthen further. Fill in any gaps on the pallets with additional pallet boards. Ensure there is a dense structure to give strength to the base.


Secure 3 castors on each of the top and bottom edges and 3 more along the centre using an electric drill, screwdriver bit and screws. Try to attach these to the pallet blocks to give additional strength and position the lockable castors diagonally opposite each other.


We salvaged some of our castors, so they aren’t all the same size. We just attached blocks of wood to the smaller ones to give the same height.

STEP 5 Turn the entire structure so that the castors are on the floor.


Lock the castors to reduce movement and sand all of the pallets to remove splinters.


Measure, mark and cut two industrial bearer/stringer beams at 90cm (35in) and one at 159.5cm (63in) or the width of your bed. These will create the headboard. Sand the beams. Secure the two 90cm (35in) beams to either end of the top edge of the pallet using an electric drill, pilot, countersink, screwdriver bit and screws to create the headboard uprights.


Place the remaining beam on the top of the two shorter beams, ensuring they’re flush at both ends. Secure using an electric drill, pilot bit, countersink, screwdriver bit and screws.


Cut the OSB board with a table saw/handsaw at 30cm (1ft) wide. Cut the length of the OSB at 159.5cm (63in) or the width of your bed. Sand the OSB to give a smoother finish. Paint with a grey chalk paint to create the chalkboard. Decide where you would like your chalkboard to sit on the headboard and measure and mark down the headboard to ensure it is level.


Attach the OSB at each corner to the side beams on the headboard with spring-head nails to add an industrial decoration. Decorate the headboard with chalkboard pens.

What a great project, eh? It seems really achieve after seeing all the step-by-step photos, doesn’t it? And this book is FULL of easy to follow tutorials like this, so it’s well worth a read if you want to fill your home with unique upcycled furniture and accessories.

And the great news is that I have an extra copy of Pallet Style to give away to one lucky winner. There are plenty of ways to enter the competition via Rafflecopter so be sure to click to enter below – and if you already follow me on social media, that’s a few free entries you can claim straight away through the Rafflecopter widget!

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  10. The next thing on my upcycling list is making some signs out of old pallets, as well as upcycled table decorations, bunting and and other decorative items for my daughter’s festival style wedding. It’s going to be fantastic!

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