Six super-easy and affordable ways to brighten up your smile

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Smiling is good for you. When you smile, a little burst of happy hormones is released into your brain, which gives you a mental lift. It also helps you to make friends as people are drawn to happy folk and smiling is contagious.


So, given the fact that your smile is so important, with the help of Weybridge Dental I have put together a list of simple ways to keep your teeth in good condition. They are all quick, easy and, of course affordable, so you should be able to incorporate most of them into your own life. With the new year coming up, why not make it your resolution to have the healthiest smile possible?

Having a nice smile is important for both your physical and mental health. Strong, healthy teeth enables you to continue to enjoy a varied diet throughout your entire life. Recent studies have also uncovered that there may be a connection between poor dental hygiene and heart disease so good dental hygiene is vital if you want to stay healthy. Here’s how to sort out your smile…


The first tip is to use an electric toothbrush as they’re far more efficient than a manual toothbrush. But you still need to learn how to use them the right way, something you can easily do by visiting YouTube and watching a video or two. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on an electric toothbrush that cleans effectively. Perhaps you could put one on your Christmas list?? Look for one that offers you at least two-speed options and find out how much replacement heads will cost. Over time, you will be buying a lot of them, so you don’t want to have to pay out a small fortune for them!


Once you have learned to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, all you need to do to keep up the good work is make sure that you replace the cleaning heads regularly. Bent bristles simply cannot get into all of the little nooks and crannies so pop on a fresh one whenever it’s looking tired.


No, I’m not talking about the dance! Flossing is really not something you should skip doing. Most tooth decay starts at the side of the tooth. This is because food and plaque get lodged in the gap between your teeth, so you really need to get it all out using floss.


If you cannot clean your teeth after eating or drinking, try to rinse out your mouth instead. Doing so gets rid of the sugars and food debris quickly, which reduces the chance of damaging plaque forming on your teeth.


Keeping your teeth white can be tricky. Over time, the food and drink you consume will gradually yellow them. However, some foods and drinks are worse than others. For example, tea, coffee, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and dark fruit juices. Keeping your intake of them down or rinsing your mouth out immediately after you consume them can really slow down the yellowing process


I’ve left the most important tip to last, which is to visit your dentist at least once a year! Sure, it costs money, but it really is worthwhile. A good dentist will spot the signs of tooth decay and other problems at an early stage, and the earlier that these issues are picked up the easier and cheaper it is to sort them out. So, really visiting your dentist regularly is an investment rather than an expense.

I hope these tips will get your smile in tip-top condition and perhaps you’d like to set yourself a new years resolution to keep up your new dental routine throughout 2019?ย  Thanks to Weybridge Dental for collaborating with me on this post and for sharing their knowledge on dental health with me.

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