Styling a fresh S/S19 menswear look with the #60forspring challenge

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When menswear brand Samuel Windsor challenged me to create a fresh new Spring look for my husband, with a budget of just £60, I jumped at the chance. Could it be done? Or would I only be able to afford one shirt?? Here’s how I got on…

You know how keen I am to find a bargain in all walks of life, and my husband’s wardrobe is no exception. The trouble is that my husband likes to buy quality over quantity. That’s certainly not a bad thing, as his clothing lasts him for years; not kidding, he has a jumper in his wardrobe that he’s owned longer than he’s known me!

So really, his way is a sensible way to keep the cost-per-wear low for most of the items in his wardrobe. He’ll get one great pair of jeans and wear them until they fall apart (probably decades later), and even then, they’ll only be relegated to the DIY outfit pile and will be worn for even more years of mucky work.

I’m on board with the idea of buying well and buying once, so we happily logged onto the Samuel Windsor website to look for some more Spring/Summer staples to add to my husband’s wardrobe. But with a budget of just £60, what would we be able to find?

As is pretty standard for me, I headed to the sale section to have a browse of the bargains available. Sale shopping is always a bit hit-and-miss as you never know if your size will be in stock, but luckily, I was able to filter the products by size, so the site only showed us items that would fit my husband.

Keeping in mind the #60forspring challenge, the first item we chose was a lightweight pair of linen trousers. My husband has never owned linen before but really liked the look of these grey marl tailored trousers. They’ve got back pockets as well as angled waist pockets, and are that perfect combination of smart yet casual.

The second item we chose was a classic crew neck jumper in a wool and cotton blend, for just £15.50. I love the ‘denim’ colour, which isn’t too pastel but is light enough to suit a spring/summer look. This jumper is still available in most sizes so it’s worth hopping onto the website to see if it’s still in stock in your size.

We thought we would probably be out of funds at this point, but looking at our shopping basket we realised that we could add one more item before the £60 budget was reached. We continued to browse and I couldn’t believe what my eagle-eyed husband found next.

We filtered the selection of jackets by price low-to-high and hubby’s eyes lit up when a linen suit jacket was available. The beautifully tailored blue jacket was priced at just £34.95 – I was amazed! I was even more surprised to find that this single-breasted blazer was in stock in my hudsband’s exact size – even down to the longer arm length. You can probably imagine how quickly we ordered it!

Adding the coat to the basket took us just £3.44 over the budget but I think it’s worth it to get a complete spring/summer look that my husband can wear for both smart and casual occasions throughout the season. He’s already worn the trousers to a networking event, and the linen jacket has been earmarked for an art exhibition opening later this month.

What do you think of the combination of cool colours in this spring/summer look? I think the hues work beautifully together without looking too matchy-matchy. The trousers and jumper look light and airy together – my husband almost disappeared into the blue sky when I was taking these photos earlier this week. And I love how the darker linen jacket smartens up the whole look effortlessly.

Let me know if you think you could create a #60forspring outfit yourself, and I’d love to hear about any bargains you discover. I’m so pleased with the quality of the clothing for such an affordable price; it just goes to show that shopping the sale section can help you add quality items to your wardrobe without massive expense.

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