4 Affordable fashion items that you’re going to need all year round

If you're heading out to the high street this weekend, this could be your chance to complete your wardrobe with items that you'll need all year round. Here's a shopping list of three essential fashion pieces that won't cost much, but can be used A LOT...

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If you’re heading out to the high street this weekend, this could be your chance to complete your wardrobe with items that you’ll need all year round. Here’s a shopping list of four essential fashion pieces that won’t cost much, but can be used A LOT…


I’m not talking about the kind of throwaway fashion shoes you can find for a few pounds but that won’t last you the summer. I mean investing in one decent pair of flat shoes, such as classic penny loafers, that’ll work well in your wardrobe for years to come. Choose a neutral colour, such as tan, and they’ll work with every outfit you pair them with. These would look great with a skirt, shorts or dress on hot days and can be paired with smart trousers or jeans in cooler weather. One pair of shoes = soooo many looks throughout the year.


I’ve never been much of a hat-wearer and most of the hat’s I’ve bought over the years have been left unworn at the top of my wardrobe. But if you just get one awesome hat, you probably won’t ever need to buy another one. I’ve realised the importance of having a hat in the summer, as it shades your face and protects your scalp. And in the winter, it’ll keep the warmth in that you usually lose from the top of your head and will keep your hair dry in the drizzle. I’m therefore on the look-out for a great hat this year. It could be a trilby or cloche hat, or even a cap but keep the colour neutral – perhaps a grey or tan? – so that you can use it all year round.


You need a bag every day of the year but there’s nothing that wastes time more than switching your essentials from one bag to another. Especially when you could have just one great bag that does the job all year round. The choice of style is up to you, as long as it’s going to be big enough (or small enough, in some cases) to carry the things you need.

It could be a shoulder bag, a cross-body style or a backpack. Or, for ultimate flexibility, choose a leather bag with detachable and adjustable straps that you can use in a variety of different ways. Again, if you choose neutral tan or navy hues, it won’t look out of place with a summer or winter outfit. Or you can go for a bold statement colour and just be proud to wear it with any look you’re rocking throughout the seasons. Have a read of my blog post on 3 wardrobe items you only need to buy once for more bag-buying tips.


If I had to choose just one piece of clothing that I could wear all year, it would be a great pair of jeans. How about you? Perhaps a smart pair of trousers from Damart would be more your thing? Either way, you can wear your jeans or trousers with any type of top to suit the weather, meaning you’ll wear them tons. Add a cardi in the spring, a lightweight cami in the summer, jumper in the autumn and a thermal base layer in the winter! They can be dressed up with a blazer or down with a tee. A neutral navy or indigo wash again works with most colours that you’ll be wearing on your top half, so just get one pair and see how many different outfits you can create with them.


I wear sunglasses all year round because it’s just to bright for me out there! Okay, I admit, I probably spend too long in a darkened office, BUT you do get sunny days in the winter too, so it’s likely that you’ll wear a pair of sunglasses all year round. I got my prescription sunglasses from Glasses Direct at a ridiculously low price using a voucher code, but any good pair of sunglasses with UV protection will suffice. Again, neutrals are best – like black frames, tortoiseshell or nude – and will stop you squinting in the sun whenever it makes an appearance.

What other all-year-round fashion essentials would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. Now excuse me while I go to find that perfect hat…

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