7 Affordable gift ideas for your favourite fella on Father’s Day

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Straight off the back of Mother’s Day, let’s chat about Father’s Day! Let’s face it, when it comes to buying your dad a gift, you probably need to think a bit more out of the box than a traditional tie. But don’t panic – Father’s Day isn’t until 16th June, so you’ve got plenty of time to make some plans. What are some affordable alternatives for Father’s Day this year? Here are 7 gift ideas for your favourite fella…


Giving your father socks for Father’s Day might seem like quite a traditional gift – unless you get creative with the choices you make. Colourful and patterned socks make an eye-catching addition to dad’s sock drawer and will brighten up his working wardrobe.

You could treat dad to a few pairs to see him through the year, or sign him up to a sock subscription service – yes, this kind of thing DOES exist! You can arrange to send couple of pairs of socks to your dad each month via Society Socks and for every pair ordered, the company will donate another pair to charity – bonus! This’ll remind dad that you’re thinking of him all year round.


If your dad is on the go, whether it’s for business or pleasure, a shaving kit is a must. You can go from affordable to fancy with this – it just depends on what you want to spend. If your father’s flying when he travels, then you might want to get him something with contents that comply with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) size requirements. Kits come with a variety of supplies – from basic shaving to total body hygiene – and in styles from clear plastic to the most beautiful leather. As for price, that can range from around £15 to well over a hundred.


Alternatively, if you dad’s into growing his whiskers, try getting him a beard grooming kit. A good one should include a brush or comb, beard oil or balm. Other nice touches are shampoo and something to help keep the skin beneath the beard clean and hydrated. Whatever you choose, it needs to smell good too. You can find beard grooming kits starting at £5 and going up from there. Some grooming kits include utensils for trimming but expect to pay more for those.


Another suggestion for dad might be a money clip. The simplest of these can be had for £5. However, the choice can be as elaborate as you like; from simple metal or leather clips all the way to wallet style clips that will hold your cash, ID, and credit cards. If your dad isn’t a fan of money clips, another alternative might be a wallet with a message inside. Personalised wallets with initials on the outside and a message inside are more affordable than you might think.


Maybe your dad is the cook in the family… or wants to be. Take a browse through your favourite bookstore for the perfect cookbook. One of my faves for dad is Haute Dog, a cookbook that takes you through all the various incarnations of the hot dog (available on Amazon for around £15). If your dad’s cuisine is a little bit finer, you might try Esquire’s Eat Like a Man at around £13 in hardback. With the variety ranging from a Star Wars cookbook to craft beer cookbooks, there is sure to be something that will bring out the cook in any dad.


Sure, it’s a pretty traditional gift, but what dad can say no to smelling great? If designer fragrances are a little out of your budget, check out the Old Spice your grandfather probably wore. It’s a traditional, recognisable fragrance that won’t break the bank. If that’s not your dad’s style, what about a cologne of the month subscription? Many of these services are available for around £10 per month and offer the option to cancel at any time. Dad can test out different fragrances if he doesn’t already have a favourite or wants to make a change.


Whether your dad is carrying coffee, water, or some other favourite beverage, there is nothing better than a quality insulated travel cup or bottle. Better quality cups will keep beverages hot or cold for hours, putting an end to lukewarm coffee or ice tea minus the ice. I included these bottles in my couple’s gift guide for Valentine’s Day and I still think they’re a great gift at any time of year.

What you choose for your dad for Father’s Day doesn’t need to break the bank, but it should be an expression of his interests. Take a few minutes to think about what your dad enjoys, and choosing just the right gift will be easy. Let me know your tips for buying a gift that dad’ll love in the comments below.

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