3 Unique Father’s Day gift ideas that aren’t socks!

With Father's Day approaching it can be difficult to know what gift to get your dad, especially if he's already received multiple pairs of 'best dad' socks over the years! Here are some unique gift ideas that you might not have considered before and that will give your dad a real treat..!

Some items have been gifted

By the way, these fantastic cards are all crafted by local artists and printmakers including Hannah Farthing, Design Smith Studio and Mitchell Finch Letterpress – I love to buy handmade cards whenever I see them at makers markets.

A real treat

If your dad is a bit of a foodie or a whisky connoisseur, getting a gift for him that he can enjoy tasting is a great idea. The good thing about food and drink gifts is that they’re consumable so they don’t take up any space in Dad’s sock drawer or sideboard!

A gift that I’ve recently got for my husband is also one that I think would work brilliantly for Father’s Day – a Regions of Scotland whisky tasting set. My husband loved doing a whisky tasting when we were last having a holiday in Edinburgh so I knew he would enjoy receiving this gift.

The box of five ‘wee drams’ of whisky from distilleries around Scotland is an activity in itself; like a tasting experience but without your dad having to travel around the country to try them all. Also, if you live away from your Dad, this box makes it easy to have a beautifully presented gift delivered to him.

The tasting kit is also a handy way to find out what kind of flavours and blends your father likes, so you can treat him to a full-sized bottle of his favourite when it’s his birthday. Or perhaps he’ll want to try all five again, so you can get another 5-regions box or opt for the Japanese whisky, rum or bourbon tasting sets instead.

Escape room with wine!

Not just a gift but also a game, I thought this wine escape room was a great combination for an occasion like Father’s Day. I was browsing the Father’s Day gifts section on the Prezzybox website when I came across this fun option.

Before gifting it to your dad, you can choose his favourite bottle of wine and lock it into the escape room. Or you could add any other bottled drink that he likes, as long as it fits inside the dimensions of the cage. Once it’s in there, it can’t be removed until Dad cracks the code – a great motivation to enjoy playing the game!

Much like a real-life escape room that you’d visit to solve puzzles, this at-home escape room provides clues and brain-teasers that you and your dad can solve together in order to find the codes that will unlock the cage. You might even need to get the whole family involved and it provides great entertainment for the evening.

Personalised prezzies

It’s always really special to receive a personalised gift; it lets your recipient know that you’ve gone to a lot of extra effort to source their present rather than just buying it ‘off the shelf’. A customised item can also give you a lot more control over the gift – from the colour to the message – so that you can tailor it specifically for your dad.

So, what’s the ultimate personalised gift? A private number plate, of course! Customising Dad’s car has got to be the most luxurious Father’s Day gift option out there. Plus, your dad will be able to enjoy it for many many years to come; once you’ve chosen a personalised number plate, it can be transferred to any vehicle your Father owns in the future using Regtransfers, the private number plate company.

Extraordinary experiences

I’ve often said that my own favourite gifts are those that are experiences rather than things. If your dad already has multiple ‘best dad’ socks, tankards and golf club covers (classic gifts!) then you could consider treating him to an activity that he can enjoy rather than another trinket.

The experience vouchers from the Father’s Day range at Buyagift range from days out and foodie treats to sports and adrenaline-fuelled events, so you’ll easily be able to find an activity voucher that your dad will enjoy. You could perhaps even go for an experience for two people so that you and dad can enjoy some quality time together, or choose a family voucher that includes the kids in the day out.

If you’re not sure what he’ll like, you can go for a gift voucher that allows your dad to choose any experience from the collection and, even if you select a specific activity and he’s not able to do it, he can exchange it for anything else on from the Buyagift collection.

I hope this selection of Father’s Day gifts has given you some inspiration when you’re searching for something special for your own dad this year. Let me know in the comments below what you’re planning to surprise your dad with or if you have any ideas for DIY gifts that he’ll love.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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