How to achieve a timeless (and comfortable) back-to-work look when you’re heading to the office

If you’ve been working from home more often, or have just taken some time off during half-term, you might be wanting to change up your back-to-work look for your return to the office. Whether it’s an important meeting you’re going to or a day-to-day hot desk look, here are some wardrobe essentials that you’ll reach for time and again…

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For many of us, our working environment has changed massively over the past couple of years. We’ve become more used to working remotely from our home office and, let’s face it, doing most of our work in comfortable clothing, slippers – and maybe even pyjamas on the bottom half!

So, it can be daunting to head back into the office – either after a period of home-working or after being at home with the kids during the school holidays – so I thought I would share some ways to get a classic and comfortable look that you can wear to the office when you return.

Comfortable clothing

If you’re going to invest in some new pieces to wear to the office, let’s make them timeless. That way, you will wear them again and again and you’ll keep them for many years, which is much better for the environment than choosing fast-fashion. Plus, the cost-per-wear is reduced every time you use an item so, if you buy well, that means you only have to buy once.

Going from leggings or joggers to a suit or dress might leave you feeling less-than comfortable at the office so I would suggest choosing pieces that are cut from fabric with added stretch. I don’t mean tight and clingy, I mean choosing a classic cotton piece with elastane woven into the fabric.

This will ensure ease of movement in your suit or dress when you’re travelling and working, allowing you to crack on with the task without feeling stifled by your outfit. Plus, a touch of stretch means the fabric is less likely to crease, so that’ll save you time on ironing.

A classic single colour suit or dress can be refreshed every time you need to go into the office by adding different shirts, knitwear or accessories. For example, you can put a silk blouse under a shift dress to glam it up or, in cooler weather, you can layer a jumper over the top of the dress for a top-and-skirt look.

Even if you’re only heading into the office occasionally and still working from home the majority of the time, it’s a good idea to get some smart outfits that you can wear during video calls. Plus, these pieces can even come in handy for special events in your private life too, like for meals out with your partner or attending parties – just style them up in different ways with some suitable accessories and you’re ready to go!

Essential accessories

When you’re accessorising your office look, it’s a good idea not to overpower your outfit with glitzy accessories. Instead, your jewellery, watch and office bag should be classy and timeless, and complement your smart look rather than scream out for attention.

Opt for a simple Scandinavian style such as these gold watches for women for a classic, minimalist look. Traditional leather straps in tan or black will coordinate with any business outfit you choose – especially if you have a tan leather handbag or black court shoes.

Of course, you’ll probably need to carry some belongings with you to the office, so a practical handbag is a must. Choose one with a built-in padded laptop pouch to keep your tech secure while you’re travelling.

In fact, if you’ll be carrying your bag for a prolonged period of time, it’s a good idea to get one with two shoulder straps that can be carried as a backpack as well as used as a handbag. This won’t put as much strain on your neck and back as a cross-body or shoulder bag so you can carry more office essentials easily and comfortably.

Functional footwear

If, like me, you’ve become used to wearing slippers for 95% of the time, it might be less-than-comfortable to head back to the office in a pair of skyscraper heels. A more practical option – and one that you’ll be comfortable wearing all day – is a low block heel. These are bang on-trend now, yet they can also be worn for many years to come if you take care of your shoes well.

Alternatively, there’s no problem in wearing flats under your trousers – and ballerina shoes are basically just one step up from being slippers anyway! They’ll allow you to run for the bus and will provide enough comfort for all-day wear around the office.

I hope these suggestions will give you some ideas for revamping your back-to-work wardrobe this year. Let me know how you’ve adjusted your day-to-day work look in the comments below and I’d love to hear your idea for practical and comfy additions to your office outfits.

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