3 Autumn/Winter wardrobe essentials for work, rest and play

Some items in this blog post have been gifted

Personally, I only need a few items to refresh my wardrobe each year. I already have a selection of clothes that are my absolute favourites and they’ve just come out of storage ready for the next season. I actually get excited when it’s time to pull out the jumpers and jeans for autumn!

However, that’s when I tend to uncover some gaps in my wardrobe; some things that are missing or need to be replaced. For example, I had to get rid of an old stained hoody when it was time to pack my winter gear away but I hadn’t got round replacing it. Here are my three essential items to complete my autumn/winter wardrobe…


After a summer of t-shirts and lightweight dresses, I’ve been looking forward to getting out my jumpers out again. When Katch.me offered to gift me some autumn/winter essentials I headed straight to the knitwear collection and this cosy knit below was my first choice. It’s ideal for work – it’s smart enough for Zoom calls and the monochrome tones go with everything in my wardrobe.

The coolest thing about the jumper is the velvety-soft heart patches on the arms. I’ve seen jumpers like this on Pinterest and I’ve always thought they were cute. Plus, my jumper is actually pretty similar to one that my husband has, so we’re almost matching! It looked like all-grey tones on the website but it’s actually a mixed white and grey weave, so it’s almost exactly the same as his jumper. I think it’s adorable that we can twin now haha!


There’s nothing cosier than snuggling up in a big cotton hoody is there? It’s my go-to choice for lounging days; let’s face it, joggers and hoodies are practically pyjamas, right?! I love feeling warm and comfy, especially when it’s raining outside and I’m tucked up under a blanket on the sofa. Plus, it’s also handy to have a hoody to pull on when you’re going for a walk or a run and there’s a nip in the air.

I couldn’t resist this heathered grey hoody from the loungewear range and I’m so pleased a chose an oversized version. I don’t feel at all restricted, and freedom of movement is exactly what you want when you’re exercising – or relaxing, for that matter. As you know, I love to upcycle my clothing with my own slogan designs so this hoody might get a makeover in the future so I’ll certainly be wearing it for years to come.


I’ve had the same big, thick, padded jacket for years – and even that was a hand-me-down from a friend. I absolutely loved it because it kept me warm in all weathers but I accidentally tore it at the seams so now the filling has come out. Although I continued to wear it all winter last year, it’s now time to replace it. If I want to enjoy the great outdoors this winter, I need a super-cosy coat to keep me warm.

I already find it difficult to find winter coats that are suitable – probably because I have a really long list of criteria. I live by the coast so I want warmth above all else, and I want a longer length so that no draughts can get in. I also need plenty of pockets and a hood, and it would help if the coat looked nice too. This grey puffer jacket from the coats and jackets category ticked those boxes and thankfully it fits me really well. And added bonus is that the fluffy trim around the hood can be removed, so it’s a bit of a two-in-one coat.

Let me know your clothing essentials for autumn and winter in the comments below. I’d love to hear what item’s you plan to add to your wardrobe to complete your seasonal looks this year. What three items couldn’t you be without in the cold weather??


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