How to keep blonde hair looking healthy during the summer months

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Hurrah, the summer is here! Or at least, it feels like it with the glorious sunshine we’ve been having recently. But with the warmer weather and sunny days brings a multitude of problems for dyed blonde hair, so today I’m sharing some expert tips for keeping your locks in gorgeous condition…

With celebrities like Lady Gaga rocking cool icy blonde locks, the platinum trend is going to be huge for summer. BUT it can be difficult to look after dyed blonde hair when the weather heats up. If you want to brighten your blonde hair or are thinking of adding some highlights during the summer months, I’ve got some tips from Philip Kingsley to help you to maintain healthy hair.


If you’ve ever spent a full summer in the sun, you’ll probably have noticed that your hair naturally lightened in the sun. But did you know that sun exposure can actually make your blonde hair look more brassy? To combat this yellowing effect, it’s a good idea to use a purple shampoo containing optical brighteners. This tones down the yellowiness to create a more platinum blonde finish.

I’ve tried out the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo, which fluoresces under UV light so that hair appears brighter and healthier. Unlike other violet shampoos, Pure Silver shampoo doesn’t deposit purple tones or stain the hair. I’ve certainly made the mistake of leaving purple shampoo on my hair too in the past and have ended up with something that looks like a blue rinse haha! Because this shampoo doesn’t have a dying effect, it’d better suited for daily use during the summer to keep brassiness at bay.


The heat of the summer sun can certainly cause dryness and I always feel like my hair needs a good trim at the end of the season to get rid of those frazzled ends. There’s a couple of things I do to beat this – firstly, I’ve been wearing a hat whenever I’m spending any length of time in the sun. This not only protects my hair, it also casts a shade over my eyes and face, so I squint less! Secondly, the Pure Silver conditioner enhances the shine and glossiness of hair while maintaining the same optical brightness of the silver shampoo.

For extremely parched locks, I’ve been using the Philip Kingsley cult classic Elasticizer. It’s suitable for all hair textures and leaves hair stronger, with more bounce, and less likely to break. And less breakage means your hair won’t take on that frazzled quality after you’ve spent time in the sun. This pre-shampoo treatment can be used a couple of times a week and it contains castor oil that locks in moisture, glycerin that helps hair to retain that moisture, and olive oil that’s rich in vitamin E to add shine.


If you’re going on holiday, or are simply spending time on the beach or at the lido this summer, you’ll need to protect your hair while you’re swimming. Add a leave-in conditioner and tie up hair (under a hat, perhaps?) before heading into the sea.

You may have already heard that swimming pool water can turn blonde hair green and it’s down to the copper content in the water. To prevent this, use Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap when you go to any swimming pool, indoors or out. This water-resistant cream was originally created for the US Olympic synchronized swim team to give hair maximum protection against discolouration and dryness from chlorine, salt water and UV damage. It also hydrates the hair so it’ll feel soft when you rinse off after your swim.

Let me know your tips for taking care of dyed hair during the summer months in the comments below. I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to keep my hair in healthy condition this summer but I’d love to hear more of your advice πŸ™‚

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