4 Reasons why the copper water trend is taking the wellbeing world by storm

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Did you know that the delicious cup of hot chocolate, or your morning cup of coffee, or that glass of cranberry juice consists of copper? Do you know that some of the top chefs and healthcare professionals prefer copper pots over modern cookware? Why? Because we all need copper in our lives…

I read a blog post on MSN recently that shared the 10 benefits of drinking water that’s been stored in copper and I was intrigued. I like to do my research and I soon found more articles on the topic on many health, yoga and news websites. Other than being an ingredient in many edibles, copper is a metal found in human blood, therefore drinking water from copper vessels is a way to balance its proportions in your body.

In a similar vein, copper water is supposed to be a smorgasbord of rich nutrients necessary to preserve the balance of the body. Here are just a few of the benefits of copper water…


If you tend to suffer from digestive problems, it’s copper water to the rescue! With antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties, copper water kills off the harmful bacteria present in the gut to let the digestive bacteria perform its function, thereby maintaining gut health. Copperโ€™s anti-oxidant properties also helps in detoxifying the stomach from accumulated toxins, aiding the digestive process and supporting absorption of nutrients as well.


Water that has been stored in copper utensils possesses antimicrobial and antiviral properties of sterilisation, which help in aiding the healing of injuries and wounds. In many hospitals and nursing homes, copper water is used regularly for patients. Copper supports in renewal and growth of new cells thus, making the wound heal faster and in a safer way than many antibiotic treatments.


If you’ve got any pain, aches, swelling or bloating, you may be suffering from inflammation in your body. One of the main copper water bottle benefits is that when water is stored in copper and consumed on regular basis, it can help to reduce inflammation offering relief from various aches and pains.


The main cause for premature ageing, fine lines or wrinkles, are the free radicals present beneath the surface of the skin. Copper peptides can help counteract these free radicals. Combined with its antimicrobial property, copper peptides produce melanin and collagen which rejuvenates your skinโ€™s glow and make it appear younger.

After reading this blog post you probably wonโ€™t be surprised to hear that copper has been nicknamed The Eternal Metal. Surely it deserves that? What do you think? Will you begin drinking water that’s been stored in a copper bottle as part of your daily routine yet?

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons why the copper water trend is taking the wellbeing world by storm

  1. Thanks so much Melisa ๐Ÿ˜€ Ahh that’s fab! I’ve only got a couple of copper tankards/cups at the moment but I love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello, Cassie ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your blog. <3

    I learned about this from Sadhguru, a well-known yogi from India. I wanted to try it, but I couldn't find a copper pitcher (his recommendation) in our local market.

    How about you, have you tried it? How's your experience of it so far?

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